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Under-reporting of hearing impairment in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population linked to educational inequality

New analysis by Western Sydney University and the ABS, has found under-reporting of hearing impairment is a substantial issue for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population.

Early career researcher recognised with humanities fellowship

Western Sydney University congratulates Dr Jason Tuckwell, School of Humanities and Communications Arts, who has been awarded a fellowship from the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

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Opinion: Paid parental leave needs an overhaul if governments want us to have ‘one for the country’

As Australia and New Zealand face the realities of slow growth, or even a decline in population, it’s time to ask if their governments are doing enough.

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Opinion: The Sydney Olympics: How did the ‘best games ever’ change Australia?

On Tuesday, it will be 20 years since the Olympic opening ceremony in Sydney, kicking off the “best games ever”.

Refugee student paves pathway to success

The first time that Hadeel Alnashy used a computer was at university. The 25-year-old student is now not only tech-confident but is more than qualified in many life-saving procedures.

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Opinion: Cashless payment is booming, thanks to coronavirus. So is financial surveillance

A banknote has been sitting in my wallet for six months now. As time ticks on, it burns an ever greater hole in my pocket.

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