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Study raises questions about common concussion assessment tool

In a new study, co-authored by Western Sydney University, many athletes reported symptoms that are often used to diagnose concussions even though they did not suffer a head injury.

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Opinion: ‘I always have trouble with forms’: homeless people on how poor literacy affects them – and what would help

Homelessness remains a huge problem in Australia and an important contributing factor is low literacy levels.

Western and Sydney Alliance team up on climate action and housing affordability

A new partnership between Western Sydney University and Sydney Alliance is providing unique placement opportunities for up to 35 Social Work students each semester and extending the reach and community impact of important social activism projects.

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Opinion: Preselection and parachuting candidates: 3 reasons parties override their local branch members, despite the costs

Why are major political parties repeatedly willing to override the mandates of their local branch members? And what needs to change to increase diversity?

Western Sydney University launches social justice network

Western Sydney University has launched an inaugural network to amplify the University’s research and impact on social justice matters.

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Short-term fixes for Western Sydney in the budget says the region’s think tank

The Federal Budget favours quick-fixes ahead of long-term support for Western Sydney, according to regional think tank, the Centre for Western Sydney, based at Western Sydney University.

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