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World-first construction doctorate offered at Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University will offer a world-first Construction Industry Doctorate Program (CIDP) established by the NSW Office of the Building Commissioner.

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Opinion: Yes, words can harm young trans people. Here’s what we can do to help

All children and adolescents have the right to live free from discrimination. However, the public debate last week around the proposed religious discrimination bill threatened this right.

Landmark study released on gender and sexual diversity education in schools

A new national study by Western Sydney University researchers has found over 80 per cent of Australian parents support the teaching of gender and sexuality diversity in schools, as part of relationships and sexual health education.

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Opinion: 4 out of 5 parents support teaching gender and sexuality diversity in Australian schools

Debates about how schools acknowledge gender and sexuality diversity have been ongoing in Australia. But our research shows four out of five parents support such content being included in the relationships and sexual health curriculum.

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Opinion: What is a ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ relationship launch? Explaining the celebrity led trend

The days of speedily updating your Facebook status the moment a new relationship is made official are long gone. In fact the Facebook relationship update could be described as somewhat passé, replaced instead by a new form of relationship documentation.

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Opinion: At home with COVID? 5 easy tips to help you breathe more easily

Shortness of breath, persistent cough and fatigue are common COVID signs and symptoms. And the vast majority of people will be managing their symptoms at home.

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