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This talk is a case study of Tasmania based on an ARC research project that attempts to research into several questions concerning early Chinese migrants to Australia.
Music and Spirituality, is our online symposium (13 to 14 September) was a great success involving 19 universities from around the world.
In the late nineteenth to early twentieth centuries, Chinese merchants occupied a special position in many British or ex-British colonies, such as the Northern Territory (‘the Territory’) of South Australia, as facilitators of labour supply and trade and as leaders and representatives of Chinese communities. They were recognised in these capacities by governments through exemptions from immigration regulations. The lack of restrictions on Chinese immigration to the Territory until 1888 enabled Chinese merchants to establish Chinatown and, in some cases, business networks that were transnational and transfamilial.


Chinese have been in Australia for over 200 years but these two centuries have seen very different peoples arriving and settling under the label “Chinese”. Read more...