Graduation News

    MPORTANT, MUST READ - Due to current restrictions we are unable to produce hard copy documents until restrictions are lifted (course completion, transcripts, AHEGS, replacement testamurs) For Visa's, please order, we will assess your student record, you can view your completion date through your MySR which be entered visa website and letter provided later, please allow a minimum 5 business days for assessment of your record.  All other document orders will be processed upon our return to campus
    Documents available are e transcripts which is a true reflection of your student record at that time. If a completed transcript is required, order a course completion letter, we will advise once we have assessed your student record so you can order the e transcript, We are unable to process payments for posting of graduation documents from previous rounds these will be actioned when we return to campus. Please do not ask for special consideration as we are unable to accommodate any requests due to current restrictions. We apologise for any inconvenience

    Course Completion and Event

    Western Sydney University graduations have changed, we now have two completion rounds a year (being April/May and September) - this is where your student record will be assessed for completion and if complete documents printing and posted out to you (once payment has been made)

    The event side of completion is held at different times and run by a different business unit - further details will be available shortly, if you have questions in relation to the event please contact  Any questions on the completion of your student record or posting of documents please contact

  • 2022 Completion and Event: Registrations for Round 1 (April/May) 2022 are currently open.  Refer to the deadlines page so you do not miss important dates - it is your responsibility to ensure you register on time
  • 2021 December: There will be no December graduations in 2021 - future years are still under decision.
  • 2021 Ceremonies: We are pleased to confirm that there will be Graduation events in 2021. All updates will be via your student email. From 2021 onwards, there will be no handing out of documents or University medals on stage, these will be posted prior to an event.
  • 2021 September : Your student record will be assessed and completed / declined as per the advertised deadlines and your documents will be posted out in early October (payment details will be provided as soon as possible).  The event will be held in November, further details will be made available once known.  If you are declined at the time of assessing you record you are unable to attend the November event, this is the event side only not the conferral of your award.
  • 2020 Graduation: If you have not received your 2020 Graduation documents please email graduations ( for the in absentia link to make the in absentia fee. As you have not actioned the details provided for your documents to be sent out, they have now been sent to archives, please allow 4 weeks for posting.