Summer Session


  • Summer session enrolments for 2020/2021 open on 14 September 2020 at 10.00am.
  • Courses will be run online for Summer A Session, 2020. Not all units are available on listed campuses. Please refer to our handbook for more information.

Study in Summer Session 2020/2021

Summer offers greater choice and flexibility for students who are juggling study, work and lifestyle commitments. This means you can:

  • fast track your degree so you complete it sooner
  • opt for a lighter study load by spreading the units of study out over the entire year
  • make up missed or failed units

Make the most of Summer

To make the most of your Summer, remember the following:

Enrolment limit

Due to the intensive teaching mode, you are only allowed to study a total of two units in Summer Session. You can study two units in Summer A or two units in Summer B or one unit in each Summer Session.

If you want to study more than a total of two units you will need to seek advice from your Director of Academic Program or Academic Course Advisor and submit a rule waiver request.

Law students

For 2021 law students will be able to enrol in Summer units through My Student Records (MySR).