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Bridging the gap between science and Government

Dr Celia Harris from the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development has been named a 2021 STEM Ambassador by Science & Technology Australia (STA).

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Opinion: The fatherhood penalty: how parental leave policies perpetuate the gender gap

Issues that matter to families on a daily basis, such as childcare, parental leave and flexible working arrangements, are often referred to as “women’s issues”.

Western Sydney University Sculpture Award and Exhibition opened

Western Sydney University, together with supporters Landcom, the Peter Eichhorn Family, Quest Campbelltown and Campbelltown City Council, is proud to open the ninth Western Sydney University Sculpture Award and Exhibition.

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Cardiovascular nurse researcher caring for our hearts this Heart Week

With life-changing innovation from Dr Ferguson and other specialist health researchers, the Westmead Innovation Quarter is close to the hearts of many people in Sydney.

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Opinion: Ghana’s new rental scheme won’t fix the real problem: a housing shortage

Ghana’s government has announced a loan scheme to help tenants pay the hefty advance rent (often covering two years) to private landlords. Advance rent is also prevalent in several other African countries.

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Opinion: A giant piece of space junk is hurtling towards Earth. Here’s how worried you should be

A large piece of space debris, possibly weighing several tonnes, is currently on an uncontrolled reentry phase (that’s space speak for “out of control”), and parts of it are expected to crash down to Earth over the next few weeks.

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