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Western community rises in celebration of Mardi Gras

Western Sydney University will again participate in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade, to be held on Saturday 6 March.

Year 12’s Fast Forward to University

Western Sydney University has hosted the first virtual Fast Forward Conference for Year 12 participants of the Fast Forward Program.

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Opinion: A degree promises a better life but social mobility has a downside too

Higher education has long been associated with the promise of a good life. Participation, however, has no guarantees.

Lyrebird male

The courtship lyre: why male lyrebirds mimic an alarming cue of a predator during sexual encounters

Researchers at Western Sydney University have found that male superb lyrebirds create an astonishing acoustic illusion of a flock of alarm-calling birds.

Engineering Innovation Hub building

First-of-its-kind Engineering Innovation Hub tops out in Parramatta

Charter Hall Group, Western Sydney University, and the University of New South Wales have celebrated the topping out of their $300 million world-class ‘Engineering Innovation Hub’ development at 6 Hassall Street in Parramatta.

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Opinion: It’s 2am, you’re sleeping, and a flash flood hits your home. Without a warning system, what do you do?

In March 2019, a powerful storm hit southern Nepal. Residents in the Bara and Parsa districts had little warning. They sheltered in huts made from mud and brick which collapsed in the wind and rain.

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