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Opinion: I regret stopping breastfeeding. How do I start again?

Many women find breastfeeding difficult and stop before they planned. Some women are relieved to stop. But others regret it.

Sandy Craze

Western grad set for Oxford and a “magic” career in chemistry

Western extends its congratulations and well-wishes to Sandy Craze – an inspirational alumnus, who is about to embark on a PhD at Oxford University.

Vincent Ho

The Gut Doctor: Bringing all of our icky issues out of the bathroom and into the limelight

A Western Sydney University academic and gastroenterologist is becoming widely renowned as one of the nation’s leading experts in gut health.

Mortality risk map

Statistical analysis weighs the risks in the fight against COVID-19

Western Sydney University researchers have used advanced statistical analysis to better understand how countries are impacted by COVID-19.

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Opinion: The Olympics strive for political neutrality. So, how will they deal with surging athlete activism?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has long tried to insulate itself from politics in society, but wider issues have always been a part of sport - including the Olympics.

Baby turtle

Study finds turtles could play critical role in “Fish Kill” clean-ups and European carp cull

A Western Sydney University ecologist has completed a study of the aquatic scavengers in the Murray-Darling Basin, and has uncovered the critical role of turtles in freshwater ecosystems.

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