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Opinion: We are the 1%: the wealth of many Australians puts them in an elite club wrecking the planet

Among the many hard truths exposed by COVID-19 is the huge disparity between the world’s rich and poor.

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Opinion: It’s not just cricket: Australia Day isn’t the commercial winner it used to be

Australia Day used to be an obvious and uncontroversial occasion for brands to endear themselves to Australian consumers. No longer.

Western graduate recognised for creative leadership in Blue Mountains

Western Sydney University alumnus Justin Morrissey is using his talents as an established multiplatform producer, curator and writer to support and reshape the creative industries of the Blue Mountains.

LIEF Grants 2021

Excellence in Australian Research Council LIEF grants to power new collaborations

Western Sydney University researchers will forge new scientific infrastructure partnerships, as the recipients of five prestigious Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (ARC-LIEF) grants for 2021.

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Opinion: The open Australian beach is a myth: not everyone can access these spaces equally

Last week, the McIver’s Ladies Baths in Sydney came under fire for their (since removed) policy stating “only transgender women who’ve undergone a gender reassignment surgery are allowed entry”.

Earthworm (credit: Valentin Gutekunst)

The invisible earth: new framework focus on social wellbeing benefits of soil biodiversity

New Global Soil Biodiversity Network (SoilBON) program aims to collectively advance knowledge of the world’s soil biodiversity.

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