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Opinion: You no longer need surgery to be diagnosed with endometriosis. Here’s what’s changed

By age 44, endometriosis affects around one in nine women and people assigned female at birth in Australia. It’s caused by the presence of tissue similar to the lining of the uterus found outside the uterus.

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Opinion: Should Australia introduce menstrual leave? Yes, but we need other period-friendly policies as well

Spain recently announced plans to legislate menstrual leave, extra leave for sufferers of severe period pain. The decision has sparked debate about whether Australia should introduce a similar scheme.

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Opinion: Margaret Atwood’s flamethrower of a stunt and the misguided moral certainty of book burning

A few weeks ago nearly every major news website and social media account shared a video of Margaret Atwood firing a flamethrower at a specially made, unburnable copy of The Handmaid’s Tale.

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Opinion: Did NASA find a mysterious doorway on Mars? No, but that’s no reason to stop looking

For the past ten years, NASA’s Curiosity rover has been trundling around the surface of Mars, taking photos in its quest to understand the history and geology of the red planet and perhaps even find signs of life.

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Opinion: ‘Some leaders only want to hear the good news’: politicians tell us how political careers can end

With the election almost upon us, thoughts are more than ever turned to political survival.

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Opinion: Climate change hits low-income earners harder – and poor housing in hotter cities is a disastrous combination

Cost of living is a major focus in this election, and yet political leaders have been unacceptably silent on the disproportionate impact of climate change on Australians with low incomes.

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Opinion: The multiverse is huge in pop culture right now – but what is it, and does it really exist?

Whether you need a new villain or an old Spider-Man, your sci-fi movie will sound more scientifically respectable if you use the word multiverse. The Marvel multiverse puts different versions of our universe “out there”, somewhere.

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Opinion: ‘High maintenance’ is a red flag on dating apps. Women are still expected to shrink themselves

The term “high-maintenance” is part of everyday speech, and usually refers to a woman who places a high value on her personal image, wants or needs.

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