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Opinion: The stunning recovery of a heavily polluted river in the heart of the Blue Mountains World Heritage area

For more than 40 years, an underground coal mine discharged poorly treated wastewater into the Wollangambe River, which flows through the heart of the Blue Mountains World Heritage area.

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Opinion: Here Out West: a film that centres Western Sydney through tales of marginality

An anthology film usually makes us think of romantic comedies released over Christmas that showcase a global city through interconnected plot lines, or a series of vignette-like character studies by critically-acclaimed directors.

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Curious Kids: can black holes become white holes?

White holes are really just something scientists have imagined — they could exist, but we’ve never seen one, or even seen clues that one may exist. For now, they are an idea.

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Opinion: Why we resigned from the ARC College of Experts after minister vetoed research grants

On Christmas Eve, the pub-test folly struck again. The two of us found ourselves, angry and heartsore, resigning from the Australian Research Council’s highly respected College of Experts in protest at the minister’s rejection of grant funding recommendations.

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Opinion: Can the world stop Myanmar from becoming a failed state?

Myanmar is on the brink of collapse. One year after the coup, half the population does not have enough food. The local currency has lost 50% of its value. Foreign companies are pulling out of Myanmar.

World-first study estimates 1500 undiscovered species of trees in Australia and Pacific Islands

Western Sydney University researchers have contributed to a world-first study that estimates there are 73,000 tree species on Earth, including about 9,200 species yet to be discovered.

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