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Opinion: What Nigerians told us about their mental health under COVID-19 lockdown

In Nigeria, mental illness is highly stigmatised and mental healthcare is not widely available. Resources, facilities and health staff are in short supply and disorders may not be well understood at the primary healthcare level.

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Opinion: ‘Bloody fool!’: why Ripper the musk duck, and many other talkative Aussie birds, are exciting biologists

Recently, two native Australian birds have stolen the limelight with their impressive vocal imitations.

Western epidemiologist moves to the frontline

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, epidemiologist Dr Kate McBride found a vital need for her investigative skills on the frontline.

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Opinion: Destroying vegetation along fences and roads could worsen our extinction crisis — yet the NSW government just allowed it

What do koalas, barking owls, greater gliders, southern rainbow skinks, native bees, and regent honeyeaters all have in common?

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Students look to the future of human identity through innovation challenge

Over 50 students from the STEM, humanities, business and health disciplines at Western Sydney University have come together virtually to develop solutions to the pressing challenge of human identity in the digital age.

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Opinion: Australia’s housing laws are changing, but do they go far enough to prevent pet abandonment?

New South Wales recently became the latest state to end blanket bans on pets in apartments, joining Queensland and the ACT.

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