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Opinion: Tonight we riot? What Nintendo’s ‘revolutionary’ video game misses about worker liberation

"In a world where the wealthy elite control the media, elections and lives of working people, we’re faced with two choices – accept it or fight for something better.”

NHMRC Grants 2020

New NHMRC Investigator Grants to safeguard the brain and heart

Western has been awarded two significant medical research grants worth over $2.1 million to further develop innovative strategies and approaches towards dementia prevention and treatment of atrial fibrillation.

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Opinion: Don’t want to send the kids back to school? Why not try unschooling at home?

As schools resume for most Australian students, a new group of parents have emerged. These parents have decided to give home education a longer term try.

Study calls for better inclusion of same-sex attracted and gender diverse youth in sport

Western Sydney University researchers have found same-sex attracted and gender diverse young people want to participate in sport, but past and current negative experiences, can hold them back.

Across the Atlantic: Phoenicians found to have influenced early Germanic people

In a new linguistic and cultural study, Western Sydney University and University of Munich researchers explore the unexplained elements of early Germanic.

Western Paddl Games prepares graduates for virtual workplace

Western Sydney University will today host the third Western Paddl Games to workshop ideas and innovations for future-ready graduates.

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