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Don’t look to mature forests to soak up carbon dioxide emissions

Researchers at Western Sydney University’s EucFACE experiment have found new evidence of limitations in the capacity of mature forests to translate rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations into additional plant growth and carbon storage.

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Opinion: Courts are moving to video during coronavirus, but research shows it’s hard to get a fair trial remotely

During the coronavirus pandemic, Australian courts are taking no chances, with NSW, VIC and other states announcing there will be no new jury trials. But many courts are increasing the use of video.

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Opinion: Nurses are not just needed now, they are essential to post-pandemic recovery

Nurses have proven undeniably important during the COIVD-19 pandemic and they will also play a key role in the country’s post-pandemic recovery.

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Opinion: Young people are anxious about coronavirus. Political leaders need to talk with them, not at them

According to the Department of Health, there are now more cases of COVID-19 in Australia among people aged 20 – 29 years than any other age group.

Western Sydney University research to be deployed to the International Space Station

Western Sydney University, in partnership with the United States Air Force Academy, are deploying ground-breaking camera technology to the International Space Station for a research and development (R&D) project investigating atmospheric phenomena.

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1 in 10 children affected by bushfires is Indigenous. We’ve been ignoring them for too long

The catastrophic bushfire season is officially over, but governments, agencies and communities have failed to recognise the specific and disproportionate impact the fires have had on Aboriginal peoples.

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