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Finding the drivers of Australia’s massive eucalypt dieback problem

New research from Western Sydney University, published in New Phytologist, can now offer an explanation for the phenomena known as eucalypt ‘die back’.

Celebrating 130 years of the Hawkesbury campus

Western Sydney University is proud to mark the 130th anniversary of its iconic Hawkesbury campus.

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Opinion: From veggie gardening to op-shopping, migrants are the quiet environmentalists

The organised environmental movement is largely a white, middle-class space. But our research shows migrants care for nature in other ways – including living sustainably in their everyday lives.

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Opinion: Why Pope Francis’s historic trip to Iraq was a mission of peace over politics

Pope Francis’s historic trip to Iraq, including visits to the war-torn north, has been deeply significant. It is one that needs to be seen in the context of peace rather than politics.

Exceptional women named nominees for Women of the West Awards

Western Sydney University is proud to announce the outstanding nominees for the University’s 2021 Women of the West Awards.

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Opinion: Imagine having your period and no money for pads or tampons. Would you still go to school?

The New South Wales Education Department said last week said it would trial a program to hand out free pads and tampons in schools.

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