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Opinion: There is no easy path out of coronavirus for live classical music

Organisations specialising in live performance face an existential crisis under current restrictions on social gatherings, with up to 75% of people employed in the creative and performing arts expected to lose work.

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Opinion: Curious Kids: why do we burp

There are two types of burping, but mainly we burp to get rid of swallowed air from our stomach.

Kate McBride

Universities and public health services joined forces to support the community during the coronavirus pandemic

Western experts helped to develop an intensive workshop to train medical students and health services staff in case investigation and contact tracing and to assist in the fight against COVID-19.

A mobile phone with a fake news headline displayed on the screen, sitting over a tablet and newspaper.

Media literacy lessons a must for schools

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of teaching students the difference between real and fake or misleading news say the authors of a new report into news media literacy education.

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Opinion: Plates, cups and takeaway containers shape what (and how) we eat

Our surroundings, the people we share food with and the design of our tableware – our cups, bowls and plates, cutlery and containers – affect the way we experience food.

Western Sydney University partners with Top 100 Women in Construction

Western Sydney University’s School of the Built Environment has announced a partnership with Top 100 Women, one of the fastest growing online communities for women in construction.

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