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Alternaria fungus on apples

Rising temperatures likely to increase damage caused by plant pathogens

New research in Nature Climate Change provides evidence that rising temperatures are likely to increase crop losses as warmer soils favour the growth of pathogenic soil fungi species..

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Opinion: Coronavirus shows housing costs leave many insecure. Tackling that can help solve an even bigger crisis

The massive economic disruption brought by COVID-19 has revealed that for many, economic security is an illusion. And our biggest vulnerability is housing costs.

The shape of two hands reaching for and touching a fern-like leaf, surrounded by yellow light.

Opinion: Cultural justice: Creativity in a time of crisis

COVID-19 has made it clear how crucial arts and culture are to our everyday lives. Through creative expressions and engagements, we are doing justice to and through culture, highlighting its immeasurable value to our individual and collective well-being.

A t-shirt that monitors your breathing? It’s not science fiction

Imagine a t-shirt that can monitor your breathing, your heart rate, your temperature, even your unborn baby’s kicks and heartbeat.

Western Sydney University and NAB partner on small business support program

Western Sydney University’s Launch Pad business incubator, with the support of National Australia Bank, has launched the ‘Innovating Through Adversity’ program.

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Opinion: No, Aussie bats won’t give you COVID-19. We rely on them more than you think

In this pandemic it’s tempting to look for someone, or something, to blame. Bats are a common scapegoat and the community is misled to believe getting rid of them could be a quick fix. But are bats really the problem?

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