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Opinion: Space exploration should aim for peace, collaboration and co-operation, not war and competition

When the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 in 1957, it represented humanity’s first significant foray into the cosmos. Our imagination was opened to the wonder and lure of space for human endeavour.

Western researchers win Eureka Prize as part of the NSW Bushfire Hub

The NSW Bushfire Hub has won the 2021 NSW Environment, Energy and Science (DPIE) Eureka Prize for Applied Environmental Research.

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Opinion: Howzat? The Ashes are on, but so is the pandemic

Although yet to be confirmed officially, men’s Ashes cricket in Australia seems certain to commence in December. A women’s Ashes test and other matches are also scheduled for early 2022.

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Opinion: Parents, studies show most kids have done just fine in remote schooling. Here’s how to survive the home stretch

With nearly half of Australia’s population in lockdown, a lot of children and young people are still not attending face-to-face school.

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Opinion: ‘Singing up Country’: reawakening the Black Duck Songline, across 300km in Australia’s southeast

Songlines criss-cross across Australia. They are one of the foundational spiritual features of the world’s oldest continuing culture.

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Opinion: Berejiklian’s downfall derailed a career built on accountability and control. Now, who will replace her?

In announcing her intention to resign as NSW premier today, Gladys Berejiklian took the, “I have been given no option” option.

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