Students: ITDS Advice for Remote Learning

In order to help ensure the wellbeing of our student community and minimise disruption to studies, all teaching and learning will be delivered online. Face-to-face teaching and learning, at the moment, is no longer being delivered on campus due to the global pandemic.

Rest assured, the University is working hard to ensure that study experiences have as little disruption as possible. During these times, the partnership between people and technology is needed more than ever.

The University is committed to offering a range of options for students to be able to learn remotely, please use the directory below which list provides services and tools that you may require.

Common IT FAQ's

Here are answers to common IT FAQ you may have.

How can I receive IT Support online?

If you are learning remotely, IT will support you via WesternNow (IT Portal) where you can start a Live Chat with one of  our Service Desk Professionals, search our in depth KnowledgeBase Articles and/or submit a request online.

Currently, the wait time on our phone line can be quite long, so we recommend using one of the options above as an alternative. You can also email IT Service Desk.


How do I manage my password online? 

WesternAccount allows you to securely access key Western Sydney University IT services. You can find more information on WesternAccount eligibility rules, terms and conditions with these links.

Online Password Guide

Manage your Western Account

How can I locate IT knowledge articles?

There are hundreds of helpful IT knowledge articles available to help students through most IT questions or issues. See the newly created Remote Learning  - Help for Students Knowledge Base article to guide you.


Remote Learning for Students

Take extra care around cyber security when learning from home. Scammers will use this as an opportunity to take advantage of students. Make sure you:

  • Run virus/malware protection software on any computer you use to do university work (all University-issued devices have this by default);
  • Be extra vigilant for email phishing; and
  • Report anything suspicious via the IT Service Desk.
Cyber Security

Being Secure: Zoom Best Practices

Helpful Tips & How-To Guides:

Zoom: How To Guides

Connect with other students, your tutors and lecturers - host and join virtual meetings.

Email: Microsoft Outlook Web Application

Learn how to access your WSU student emails via any browser.

Software: Adobe Creative Cloud and SPSS

You'll need your student email address and WSU password to login and gain access.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Enabling student access to Creative Cloud during COVID-19 campus closures, Adobe extended their offering of free access until 06 July 2020. This may change so please see their terms and conditions.
  • SPSS Statistics: A powerful statistical software platform. It delivers a robust set of features that lets your organisation extract actionable insights from its data.

SCEM: Student Resources

Optimise your Remote Learning Experience

Ensure you have the Technology to Support your Remote Learning

As a student at Western Sydney University, you will use a number of online systems to access your information and interact with us from anywhere. Please have a look to see what online systems you need to access.

Organise your Home Study Area

It is important to have a clean, designated study area which is conducive to work. Keep your desk clean from clutter and try not to have anything in view that will distract you while you are trying to study. If possible, try to sit somewhere with a window open or an outside view – natural light is best

Establishing an Internet Connection

Work on organising a reliable internet connection to have while you're learning from home. This will be important in order to access all your learning materials remotely and avoiding stress later.

Student Support and Wellbeing

Western Sydney University is here to support you during this unprecedented time, with your emotional and physical health being paramount.

The Student Wellbeing Page has helpful tips and support links to assist you.

Likewise, the University is committed to supporting our students to ensure they can continue learning during the current pandemic. There has been allocated a fixed pool of funding to allow us to provide financial support to assist with basic living expenses for local  and onshore international students who are facing serious financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Learn more with the links below:

Assistive Technologies (AT) At Western

Assistive Technology (AT) is any device, system or design that provides people with practical solutions to enhance learning, working, and daily living for people with disabilities and/or chronic health conditions.

For students, AT will lessen or help remove the barriers whilst you try to learn from home. Learn more about what AT is available and our Assistive Technology Team committed to delivering inclusion through the use of technology.