Welcome to PrintSmart!

Swipe. Print. Collect. Log Off.

It is that easy.

What is PrintSmart

Print Smart changes the way staff and students print. Regardless of where you are, you can print to any printer by simply swiping your card. The net result of this is we can consolidate printers and further improve the user experience. This is commonly known as 'Follow Me Print'.

ITDS has partnered with Strategy, Business Development, and Procurement (SBDP) services to develop a new print solution for the University, called PrintSmart. The new print solution aspires to provide an enhanced user experience sustainable for both the University and helps to minimise the impact on the environment. As a result, the rollout of the new print fleet will be deployed across our campus network for both staff and students until the end of this year.

How does it work

To use PrintSmart for the first time, you must take two steps. They are:

  1. Connect your computer to the network; and
  2. Register/enrol your Staff/Student ID card on any printer (only once).

Once you have completed the above (see the guides on our help page), by just swiping your card and selecting 'jobs', you will see your own queue of print jobs where you can release your work. You will have 24 hours to collect your work.

We will use this site to update you with information, guides, and further help. You can also contact the ITDS Service Desk for further help.