CloudStor Decommissioning

CloudStor Decommissioning: 15 December 2023

AARNet announced last year that it will be decommissioning its CloudStor services (Sync & Share, SWAN, & S3) on Friday, 15-Dec-2023. This will impact most research organisations and universities across Australia.

More details can be found at

How does this impact you?

There is no immediate risk to files currently held on CloudStor for the time being. There are discussions taking place with AARNET, and other Universities are working collaboratively to share ideas and solutions. ITDS are working towards identifying alternative options, ensuring a migration plan is in place well before the December 2023 deadline.

If you do wish to move any data, and it is straightforward, we recommend moving it to the University-supported OneDrive. Please see below for more information, and/or please discuss with our Service Desk to get further assistance.

What happens next?

  • ITDS will continue to liaise and reach out to those who would like further assistance on this matter.
  • We will also continue to update the broader University with updates from AARNet, etc.

Does OneDrive work for you?

Western uses Microsoft Office 365 for all of its desktop needs and is available for all staff.  Like you, O365 works everywhere, across devices.

OneDrive is one such tool that all staff have at their disposal. You can store up to 1TB of data, and access it from anywhere with your Western  ID and password. It is a recommended secure option, where you can share files, and it allows file synchronization and cloud backup as well.  You can also request more storage if you need to, but you will need to log a request via WesternNow.

For further information, you can access OneDrive Setup and Backup, KB0018542. (opens in a new window). Please note that you will have to be logged in to WesternNow to access the link.

If you have questions about using OneDrive, please contact our Service Desk for further information.

Please note: This option may not suit all those on CloudStor. Please make sure you reach out to discuss your storage needs via the survey above or the feedback form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have a question? Perhaps these FAQs will help you along. We will continue to develop these as we get closer to the decommissioning date.

Why is AARNet decommissioning CloudStor?

CloudStor’s underlying software and platform architecture have reached their end of life. Rebuilding the platform to meet the future needs of the sector would have required a very substantial investment from AARNet.

Given that researchers now have access to multiple file-sharing products, and the lack of viability of carrying CloudStor into AARNet’s future, they made the decision to decommission CloudStor.

When will AARNet decommission CloudStor?

CloudStor will be decommissioned on Friday 15 December 2023.

They will continue to notify users via email and provide more information in the coming months and work with Universities and  Research Institutes to help the transition.

Which CloudStor services will be decommissioned?

  • CloudStor Sync ‘n’ Share – individual AND group drive storage.
  • CloudStor SWAN
  • CloudStor S3

Will you decommission FileSender?

No; AARNet will continue to offer the FileSender feature of CloudStor as a stand-alone service for transferring large files online.

Is there a replacement for CloudStor?

AARNet does not currently offer a replacement for CloudStor. However, they are committed to supporting the sector by identifying and filling gaps in the market.

ITDS is working through options. Please reach out if you wish to discuss your needs, via the Service Desk.