Online systems

As a student at Western Sydney University, you will use several online systems to access your information and interact with us from anywhere.

How to access our systems

Every student has a My Western Account, which is your personal login. You use this login to access all the online systems, so you only have one login to remember. You create your My Western Account the first time you enrol – it's just your student ID number and the password you chose.

Systems explained


The My Western student portal is a point of entry to the applications, systems and notifications you'll need at Western Sydney University.

It's where you can go to check your email, access Office 365 applications like Word and student systems like vUWS, and stay up-to-date with important news and events.

Student email

All students have a free Western Sydney University email account, which is the official way we communicate with you. We will send you vital information about your enrolment, exams, results and graduation, as well as University news and event information.

You should check your email regularly to make sure you get the information you need, when you need it. In fact, when you first enrolled, you committed to checking your student email daily during teaching terms and weekly out of teaching terms, as part of the student declaration you agreed to. If you don't check your student email regularly, you will miss important messages which may affect your enrolment.

When contacting the University by email you must use your Western Sydney University student email account.

MyStudent Records (MySR)

My Student Records (MySR) is where all your records are stored. It's also where you enrol, change your enrolment (until the census date), keep your contact details up to date, check your fees and see your results.

For more information, go to WesternNow.

Allocate+ (Tutorial Registration and teaching timetables)

Allocate+ is where you register for your tutorials and other classes, and create your personal timetable. Visit Class registration for more information and to log in to Allocate+.

Exam timetables

Visit the Exam page for more information on how to access your Exam timetable and when it will be available.


vUWS (pronounced views) is our online learning environment. Your program and most of your subjects may have a vUWS site, which will include your subject or learning guide, including information about your assessment tasks, study resources and announcements related to your subject or program. Make sure you check your vUWS sites regularly during term as they may be updated at any time.


Payments is the secure online payment system you will use to pay fees and charges for a range of things. You will also pay for your parking permit and any academic documents you order here.

You can choose to set up an account with Payments, which allows you to keep a record of your payments.

Western Sydney University Handbook

The is the official reference for programs and subjects offered at Western Sydney University. It's where you can go to find out which subjects are on offer each term, check the recommended enrolment and get information about electives on offer.

You don't need your Western Account to access the Western Sydney University Handbook.


WesternWifi is our on campus wireless internet service. It's free for all students. Just use your Western Account to login from any laptop, tablet or smartphone on any Western Sydney University campus.

Find out more about WesternWifi.

IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk is there to help you with your computer and account problems, audio visual equipment loans and discount computers. You can contact them via their online portal, email or phone.

A full list of services and opening times are available on the Service Desk webpage .