Western Sydney University regularly check students’ progress with their studies to help them stay on track.

Your grades will be checked after the results release date to determine whether your progress in your studies is satisfactory.

When this check has been completed you will need to acknowledge your Progression Outcome in MySR before you can perform activities like registering in subjects for the next teaching period. You need to do this even if the check shows your progress is satisfactory (Good standing). It is a condition of your enrolment as a Western Sydney University student that you check your MySR account on a regular basis.

What is progression?

Once you register, you must successfully complete the subjects required for your program to progress through to graduation. Progression checks identify poor academic performance while also giving you an opportunity to address your performance and seek advice and counselling on your options. It also prevents you from having to pay significant fees by continued poor academic performance.

What are the new progression rules?

The University no longer uses the rule requiring students to pass 50% of subjects over two teaching terms and has replaced this with a GPA requirement to provide a better indication of performance over time. The GPA based progression rule will also recognise students who may have previously been identified as At Risk and are improving.

The new Progression policy now includes the following rules to measure performance:

  • You must maintain a satisfactory GPA:
    • 3.5 for standard programs; OR
    • The GPA specified for a non-standard Program (e.g. Honours, Advanced, Foundation Studies)
  • You must complete your program within the Maximum Time
  • You will be excluded if you fail the same subject (or equivalent) three or more times

You can check the Progression Rules webpage for more details.

What are the progression outcomes?

Information on the progression rules and their outcomes listed in the Progression Policy are available on the Progression Rules webpage.

How will I be notified of my Progression status?

The University will no longer send you an email when your progression is checked. Instead you will now need to acknowledge your Progression Outcome in MySR. You will not be able to perform activities like registering in subjects for the next teaching period until you acknowledge the Progression Outcome notification in MySR  .

It is important that you log into MySR after final results are released for each term to see your progression status and any action required. There are strict deadlines for submitting Show Cause and Appeals against your progression status.

Learn more about the notification in MySR at How do I process action items in MySR.

Why have I received more than one notification?

If you study in more than one type of term, for example Spring and 2H, you may receive more than one progression notification. In the notification you may also receive more than one calculated progression outcome. For example, you may be “at risk” for failing a subject two times and identified for “conditional enrolment” for your GPA falling below the conditional enrolment threshold.

If you are identified as being At Risk or placed on Conditional Enrolment or Exclusion, you will also receive an email to your student email account with further instructions.

How do I appeal against progression?

Appeals have been replaced by the ability to 'Show Cause' as to why your sanction should not be applied before it is made active on your student record. Please see the Progression Show Cause and Appeals page for details on how and when to Show Cause.

Need help?

If you are concerned about your grades and would like advice, speak to your Academic Program Advisor as soon as possible. Western Sydney University also offers counselling and learning support through Student Support Services. More information is available on the services and facilities page.

If you're an International student and your academic progress is not satisfactory, the Department of Immigration may not grant a visa extension or may even cancel your existing student visa. You should contact one of the campus based International Student Advisors.

If you have any questions regarding any visa implications, please visit the International Student Support webpage or contact the Student Welfare Service by email at

More information on the progression rules and the Progression Policy is available on the Progression Rules webpage. For questions about how progression applies to you, contact the Assessment and Timetabling Team by submitting an enquiry through WesternNow.

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