Special requirements

Special requirements are related to enrolment in programs/subjects where clinical, practical or work placements are part of a program/subject structure. These include programs/subjects in Education, Nursing and Social & Health related sciences.

Working with Children Check - WCC

Students studying programs/subjects that involve working or contact with people under the age of 18 are required to complete and lodge a Working with Children Check Verification Number (WCC) in accordance with the Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998.

You need to make an online application with the Office of the Children's Guardian (opens in a new window) and follow the steps as outlined.

Please note: if you are under 18 years of age, you are exempt from this process as you are still legally considered a child yourself. However, we still require you to comply so our system will allow you to enrol. You need to email enrolments@westernsydney.edu.au so we can amend your record. You will also be required to complete this check when you turn 18 and we will contact you at that time to remind you.

At the end of the application process, you will be issued with a receipt document with an application number (AAP). You need to take this document and photo ID to a Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) office. You will receive a verification letter from the RMS, which will include your verification number. Please allow up to four weeks for the verification letter.

You need to provide your verification letter to the University, either by taking it to a Student Central office or by scanning and emailing a copy to studentcentral@westernsydney.edu.au. Your verification number will be confirmed with the Office of the Children's Guardian and you will be advised of the outcome. Please note: receipt of a verification number does not indicate clearance to work with children.

If you receive clearance, your Western Sydney University student record will be updated and you will be advised by email that you can proceed with your enrolment. You may need to provide your verification letter to a placement authority, so please keep your original letter for future use.

For more information on the Working with Children Check Student Declaration, please visit the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian (opens in a new window) website.

National Police Check - including Clinical Placement Requirements

There are 3 simple steps for completing the National Police Check:

1. Sign the Student Undertaking Sign the Student Undertaking form. This is available electronically in My Student Records (MySR) (opens in a new window) for commencing students. If you cannot complete the form electronically, the Student Undertaking form is available from any Student Central or by downloading the Student Undertaking Form  PDF, 77.62 KB (opens in a new window)

2. Apply for a National Police Check After you have signed the Student Undertaking form, you will be required to undergo a National Police Check (opens in a new window) either through your state or territory police service or the Australian Federal Police. You should allow 15 working days for your check to be processed.

You will need to apply online through the NSW Police website or through an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited body (opens in a new window). 

When applying through the NSW Police website:

  • Complete the online National Police Check form by ensuring that all mandatory fields marked with an * are completed.
  • Print the confirmation page once the form is complete
  • Submit the confirmation page and proof of identity to a NSW Police station
  • Pay the appropriate fee either online at the time of application by credit card or in person at a NSW Police station when submitting your completed form and proof of identity.

You will need to apply in an appropriate time-frame to allow you to receive the certificate approximately three weeks before your placement. In order to ensure that you receive the certificate in time, you should apply no later than six weeks before your placement.

Failure to obtain a National Police Check will mean you will not be able to attend any 'placement' subjects. This may result in you being unable to complete your registered subject/s, or your program.

For more information please see the NSW Police website (opens in a new window).

Students undertaking clinical placement in NSW Health facilities can also apply for a National Police Check through ACIC accredited bodies. ACIC’s list of accredited body organisations is available on the ACIC website (opens in a new window).

As Police Certificates from ACIC accredited brokers may vary in format and content, the minimum compliance requirements for a National Criminal Record Check are:

  • it must be from a ACIC accredited body (as listed on ACIC’s website) or an Australian State or Territory Police Force or the Australian Federal Police, and
  • it must state that it is a National or Australia wide check, and
  • it must include the student's full name and their date of birth, and
  • it must not have any offences listed (students with a criminal history must provide a Clinical Placement Authority Card (CPAC) or conditional letter from the Employment Screening and Review Unit, NSW HealthShare) email esruenquiries@hss.health.nsw.gov.au for further information, and
  • the name on the Police Certificate must be the same name as on the Student's ID card

As the National Police Check is NSW Health requirement, you may also want to check out the NSW Health's Frequently Asked Questions (opens in a new window).

International Students
International students are also required to obtain a National Police Check. You can apply for a National Police Check prior to your arrival in Australia through the Australian Federal Police (opens in a new window).

In addition to the instructions provided on the AFP website you must:

  • Enter Code Number 37 in Section 1 "Purpose of NPC'
  • Tick "No" to the Fingerprint check in Section 5

You will also need to obtain a Police Certificate (with English translation) from your home country and any other country that you have lived.

If you are unable to obtain a Police Check you can complete a Statutory Declaration from the NSW Health website (opens in a new window) stating that you do not have any current or previous criminal charges or convictions in your home country or any other country in which you have lived. If you do have a criminal record you must list the offences, the dates and court outcomes.

3. Present your National Police Check to a Student Central office When you have received your National Police Check you must take this to any Student Central office to have this recorded on your student record.

Clinical Placement Requirements for NSW Health

When you attend a NSW Health facility to undertake a clinical placement you must submit the following documents to the Clinical Coordinator.

If you are an overseas student you will need to submit the above documentation and the following additional document/s.

Clinical Placement Requirements for an Aged Care Facility

The Department of Health and Ageing require all students attending any clinical placement in an Aged Care Facility get a National Police Check (opens in a new window).

When you receive your National Police Check you will need to take this to Student Central to have this recorded on your student record.

  • When you attend your Clinical Placement at the Aged Care Facility you will need to have the original copy of your current National Police Certificate and a photocopy of your National Police Certificate (you must have the original certificate with you but you will need to submit the photocopy only as you will need the original certificate for all clinical placements)

NOTE: Overseas students or students who have lived in a foreign country for any period of time after the age of 16 must provide a statutory declaration stating they were not convicted of murder or sexual assault, and not convicted of and sentenced to imprisonment for any other form of assault during their time overseas. Any such criminal record would exclude the person from working within an aged care service if they would be reasonably likely to have access to care recipients. In addition to the statutory declaration, the person must also get a police check to cover the time (after age 16) that they have lived in Australia.

» Example of a statutory declaration [PDF, 154Kb] (opens in a new window)

For further information on the clinical placement requirements of NSW Health (opens in a new window) or Department of Health and Ageing please visit their websites.

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Adult Vaccination Record Card

NSW Health requires all students who will be entering their facilities as part of any fieldwork, research or clinical placement, to produce evidence of current immunisation or vaccination against infectious diseases.

Details regarding the Vaccination requirements and additional useful information is available on the NSW Health website (opens in a new window). Vaccination record cards are available at all Student Central locations.

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure you meet any vaccination requirements prior to attending fieldwork, research or clinical placement and that your card is available for NSW Health supervisory staff to view as required when attending your placement.

Failure to meet vaccination requirements could result in you being denied entry to a NSW Health facility and will jeopardise your progression in the associated subject.

First Aid Certificate

Students who are required to have a current First Aid certificate for participation in particular subjects and/or fieldwork, research or clinical placement will need to:
  • Take their original current First Aid certificate from a Registered Training Organisation (see National Training and Information System) to a Student Central with their current Student ID card or photo ID (eg, a current Drivers Licence or passport). The certificate must display one of the following unit codes; HLTAID011, HTLAID012, HLTAID014, HLTAID004, HLTAID006 and HLTAID003 for it to qualify as equivalent to Senior First Aid
  • Have a Student Central Officer check their credentials and process the requirement on their student record
  • Check MySR approximately 48 hours later to ensure registration in the relevant subject has been confirmed

Note: You cannot enrol in the associated subject until this requirement has been validated.

For more information on First Aid Certificates, please visit the National Training Information Service website (opens in a new window) to check that your certificate has been issued by an approved provider.

Further information

If you have any other enquiries please email studentcentral@westernsydney.edu.au.

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