Progression Show Cause and Appeals

Show Cause

If you have been identified for Conditional Enrolment or Exclusion from study, you will be notified in MySR. Your first step after receiving notification will be to decide if you want to submit a Show Cause application as to why you should not be placed on Conditional Enrolment or Excluded.

How and When to Show Cause

If you have a progression outcome of Conditional Enrolment or Exclusion, the notification you receive in MySR will include a link so you can submit a Show Cause application. You will need to explain why the outcome should not be applied on the following grounds:

  1. Misadventure and extenuating circumstances, as defined under the Disruption to Studies Policy; or
  2. Procedural unfairness.

Your Show Cause application should clearly state the grounds and you must include appropriate supporting documentation (medical certificate, proof of financial hardship, proof of psychological trauma etc) as evidence to Show Cause why the progression sanction should not apply. Refer to the Supporting Documentation page for more information.

You must submit your Show Cause application within the stipulated time frame outlined in your progression outcome notice.

My progression outcome is At Risk or At Risk Improving – can I submit a Show Cause application?

You cannot submit a Show Cause for an 'at risk' notification as this is just advice that your progress is below the GPA threshold for satisfactory progress and you should seek support to help you improve.

When Will I Receive Advice on the Outcome of My Show Cause Application?

The University will commence assessment of your Show Cause application within 10 working days of it being made and will finalise the outcome as soon as practicable.

Students may apply to continue their studies pending the outcome of their Show Cause case. The Office of Student and University Planning will determine the enrolment status on a case-by-case basis should the matter not be resolved by the census date.

Can I Appeal the Outcome of my Show Cause Application?

No, there is no internal avenue of appeal against Show Cause outcomes. Students will be advised within 10 working days of the finalisation of their Show Cause application of any external avenues of appeal available to them, including contact details of the appropriate body.

You may submit an external complaint to the NSW Ombudsman or within 10 working days of the Show Cause outcome if you believe that the University has not properly followed its published policies and procedures.

For student visa holders, please note that the outcome of your appeal may affect your visa status. You need to seek advice from the Department of Home Affairs (via its website at or the Immigration Helpline 131 881) on the potential impact on your student visa.

What support can the University offer me?

A range of free services are available to help with problems affecting your studies.

Where can I read the full Policy?

All information should be read in conjunction with the Progression policy. The definitions of misadventure and extenuating circumstances as grounds for appeal are available in the Disruption to Studies policy.

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