Student Compliance

I have to attend a NSW Health placement - what do I do?

You must be assessed by NSW Health in your first year of enrolment before you can start any placement at a NSW Health facility,
It is each student’s responsibility to complete and retain all student compliance evidence, and provide this evidence of compliance prior to attending a placement in any NSW Health Facility.
You must meet the identified mandatory NSW Health policy requirements.


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Collect your evidence as early as you can when you commence your degree

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Why do I need to be assessed?

NSW Health requires students to be assessed in their first year of enrolment regardless of when they go on their first placement . This ensures enough time for students to address any compliance or vaccination issues as early as possible.

Western and our NSW Health partners have a duty of care to ensure your safety, and the safety of the people you will interact with.

What evidence do I need to become assessed?

An Australian Police Check (NPC), Overseas police Check or statutory declaration ( for International students), competed NSW Health forms, vaccination evidence, COVID-19 and Influenza vaccination evidence, and Blood Borne Virus Declaration (certain disciplines). Look up your program of study or subject in the Handbook entry to see if this is what applies to you.

Assessment vs Outcome - what's the difference?

  • A compliance assessment is where your document evidence is 'assessed' and reviewed against requirements set by NSW Health policy.
  • Western does not assess your evidence, and cannot predict the outcome of your assessment, nor inform you about your likely outcome of an assessment.
  • The result of an assessment is called an outcome : COMPLIANT, TEMPORARY COMPLIANT and NOT COMPLIANT.
  • Your School may require a "compliant" outcome from you in your first enrolment year, regardless of placement timing.

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