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What is 'Summer Session'?

Summer Session is designed to offer greater choice and flexibility for students over study, work and lifestyle commitments. This means you may:
  • be able to fast track your degree so you complete it sooner
  • opt for a lighter study load by spreading the subjects of study out over the entire year
  • make up missed or failed subjects

Where can I find out what subjects are being offered in Summer Session?

The full list of subjects on offer is available now on the Handbook.

When can I register in Summer Session?

Summer Session registration for 2021/2022 is available from 11 October 2021.

When does Summer Session start and end?

Summer Session has two teaching sessions:
  • Summer A - starts on 29 November 2021 and ends on 20 February 2022 (12 weeks duration including the two-week Christmas/New Year break, stuvac and exams)
  • Summer B - starts on 10 January 2022 and ends on 20 February 2022 (6 weeks duration including stuvac and exams)
More detailed dates are available on the Important dates webpage.

Which Summer subjects do I register in for Summer 2021/2022?

To register in subjects for Summer 2021/2022 in MySR, you need to click into your course code for the 2022 Academic Period. While some of the subjects for Summer Session start in 2021, the enrolment system classifies all Summer subjects as 2022 subjects because the census dates for both Summer A and Summer B fall in the 2022 calendar year.

When will Tutorial Registration open?

Tutorial registration for Summer Session will open before classes start. Details on opening times are available later in the year. Summer Timetable

Will classes be running between Christmas and New Year?

No. There will be a two week teaching break over the Christmas/New Year period but you may have assessment tasks that you need to complete if you are studying a subject in Summer A. This information will be in the relevant Learning Guide.

When are the census dates for Summer 2021/2022?

The Summer A and B census date is 19 January 2022.

Do I have to study in Summer Session?

No, the idea is to offer you the opportunity to do your degree your way. Summer Session is designed to offer students greater flexibility and choice. It is not compulsory but is an option.

How many subjects can I study in Summer Session?

Due to the intensive teaching mode, you are only allowed to study a total of two subjects in Summer Session. You can study two subjects in Summer A or two subjects in Summer B or one subject in each Summer Session. If you wish to study more than a total of two subjects you will need to seek advice from your Director of Academic Program or Academic Course Advisor and submit a rule waiver request.

How much work is required for each subject during Summer?

As Summer subjects deliver the same content and classes over a shorter period of time, the subjects are run in a more intensive mode. Regardless of the delivery mode, the study hours for each subject in Summer A will be around 22 hours; in Summer B, around 30 hours.

You may feel like there is more work needed to attain a satisfactory result in your subjects during Summer because of the shorter timeframe, so make sure you account for this when planning your time.

On which campuses is Summer Session operating?

Summer subjects are being offered on the following campuses:
  • Bankstown
  • Campbelltown
  • Hawkesbury
  • Liverpool
  • Parramatta (South and City)
  • Penrith (Kingswood)

Do the usual parking restrictions apply on campuses during Summer Session?

For parking for Summer session please refer to the Parking page for further information.

Do I need a rule waiver to study a subject not on my home campus?

No. You can register in any campus for Summer Session, regardless of your home campus. No rule waiver is needed.

Do I need a rule waiver if I haven't completed the co- or pre-requisite subject?

Just like any other session you will need to submit a rule waiver if you have not completed co- or pre-requisite requirements.

Do I have to pay tuition fees for Summer subjects?

The tuition fees for Summer subjects will be charged at the Commonwealth Supported rate. If you are currently eligible for HECS or FEE-HELP you can defer your tuition fees for your Summer subjects. Permanent residents and International students will need to pay their tuition fees, as normal, by the relevant census date. You can find out how much your subject/s will cost on the Fees webpage.

Will Centrelink payments be affected if I study in Summer Session?

If you currently receive Centrelink benefits (or are eligible to receive them), your payments will not be affected as long as your enrolment is 0.75 EFTSL (or higher) for the whole year. To help you calculate your EFTSL, a 10 credit point subject is worth 0.125 EFTSL. Please contact Centrelink(opens in a new window) for information about your payments.

Where will Summer Session exams be held?

Where formal exams are required for Summer subjects, they will be held on the following campuses:
  • Bankstown (students who study at Campbelltown and Liverpool during Summer Session will have exams here)
  • Parramatta
  • Penrith (students who study at Hawkesbury during Summer Session will have exams here)

The full exam timetable, including exact locations, will be provided closer to the Summer Session exam period in February 2021.

Can I graduate in April 2021 if I study my final subject/s in Summer?

To be eligible to graduate in April 2022, you will need to submit an application to graduate by the advertised closing date. You need to complete the following things by the graduation deadlines please check the graduation deadlines:

  • All course requirements on your student record must be complete

If all of these items aren't completed, you will not be able to graduate in April 2022 and will have to wait until the September 2022 graduation round. Please ensure you check the graduation deadlines carefully to make sure you finalise all details by the advertised deadlines.

I'm not a student of this University yet but would like to start a degree during Summer Session, can I do that?

Yes. There are a number of courses available for new students to commence in Summer 2021/2022. Only non-current school leavers (anyone not completing year 12 this year) can commence in Summer A because current school leavers won't know their ATAR when classes commence.

I'm studying at another university, can I study in Summer Session?

Yes. Students from other universities can apply to study cross institutionally in Summer Session. You will need to make sure the subject/s you want to study is accredited by your home university before you apply. Without this approval, you might have to register as a Non Award student, which is a full fee paying student-type.

More details about how to apply to study cross institutionally in Summer Session are available on the Cross institutional studies webpage.

The full list of subjects on offer during Summer Session is available now on the Handbook.

How can I find out more about Summer Session?

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