Certificate of Practice

The Construction Industry is one of the main contributors to the Australian economy. As a consequence, the Construction Industry is also one of the nation’s major employers. Those seeking a career in this industry are well advised to seek every opportunity available to them for a good education in construction management practises. A Certificate of Practice is a course that will further your knowledge by providing structured learning outcomes that are aligned to your theoretical learning. The Certificate of Practice differs from the self-managed mandatory 1200hour work experience of the WIL program. The Certificate of Practice offers opportunities provided by Industry and made available to the University for students to gain practical insights and experience of the Industry aligned with their studies. On completion of this program, recognition will be recorded onto your transcript as a demonstration of your personal commitment to achieve your best learning outcome. In the competitive world for seeking employment with ongoing prospects, your Construction Management Degree together with a Certificate of Practice, could certainly improve your chances for the career you are seeking.