The Process

What do we do?


Enrol into 300724 'Industry Based Learning’

It is advisable to enrol in your first year (though, not mandatory) so that you will gain benefits by way of points and a deeper understanding of industry practices

Encourage students to engage with industry as soon as practicable for the student.

Provide assistance and develop a graduate/cadetship programs for students.

The program can be completed within the four year degree

Identify WIL attributes within your specific unit and incorporate them into existing courses.

Engage with the university via the WIL coordinator.

Examine the options available from the three areas of study, refer to the Point System page

Give direction to the student for options that are more suitable for them.

Offer a safe environment for students to gain work experience.

On completion, please ensure all of your documents have been recorded in BlackBoard and advise the course coordinator that you have completed the WIL program.

Approve documentation presented by students.

Give feedback on student progression.