Student Initiatives

International Students

International Students are supported in completing their WIL component of the course. These students will be offered advanced preference for enrolment in localised programs prepared by the school. These programs may include the development of a structure on or off campus, community work and site experience. Identify yourself to the WIL coordinator, as early in your course of study as possible, so that a specific study plan can be discussed.

Student Initiatives

The WIL component can also be satisfied by activities created by the students themselves within a structured professional student body. Students are advised to join Professional Organisations like the AIB, CIOB, AIQS and AIBS. These organisations have student bodies like the YBA (AIBs Young Builders Alliance) and NOVUS (CIOB). Both these organisations conduct functions throughout the year and provide opportunities for students to engage with industry in a formal and casual manner. In addition, students are encouraged to host their own functions, for example, a student conference, forum etc.  Students will gain experience when engaging with their industry peers and develop confidence for future job applications and interviews. Students wishing to partake in these activities and seeking points for their WIL should speak with the WIL coordinator.

Students Already in Employment

Students who are already well established in their career are encouraged to meet with the WIL coordinator to assess their advanced standing. A study program will be suggested for the student to undertake.