CO2 Concrete

We have invented a new process that injects carbon dioxide into recycled aggregate. CO2 Concrete is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology offering scalable solutions for companies of all sizes.


CO2 Concrete is a new process for producing durable and high-strength recycled concrete. We inject carbon dioxide into recycled aggregate to improve its bonding, and thus performance of recycled concrete.

This benefits the environment in two ways:

  • Using carbon dioxide which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, worsening global warming and climate change issues and;
  • Reducing landfill space by turning construction waste into construction material, i.e., recycled concrete whose performance is similar to virgin concrete.

This process can bring direct benefits to concrete batching plants as recycled concrete can be effectively used. Many leading concrete suppliers have researched this capability, but none have been successful.

Producing The World’s First Concrete Using Carbon Dioxide

We have cast two CO2 Concrete bio-security platform for Hawkesbury campus, April 2018.

Western Sydney University Hawkesbury farm has been known for its state-of-the-art agricultural research. We have now become a part of this great culture by contributing two CO2 Concrete bio-security platform, which are employed for boot cleaning, minimizing pests and diseases.

Upscaled - CO2 Concrete Slabs

We have upscaled our CO2 Concrete production. With the success of our biosecurity platforms at Hawkesbury Farm, Western Sydney University, we made four 3m x 3m concrete slabs with our CO2 Concrete. The slabs were cast in March 2019 using our 2 innovative mix designs. The slabs are employed to support gross animal weight (about 1 ton each) for their troughs (drinking stations).

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Professor Vivian Tam

Associate Dean, Research & HDR,
Dean's Unit, School of Eng, Design & Built Enviro.
Professor - Quantity Surveying,
Dean's Unit, School of Eng, Design & Built Enviro.

Research interest includes : Areas of sustainable construction, focusing on recycled concrete, environmental management in construction, green building and life-cycle assessment.