Centre for Infrastructure Engineering Publications


 Performance of concrete filled stainless steel tubular (CFSST) columns and joints: summary of recent researchHan, Lin-Hai; Xu, Chuanyang; Tao, Zhong
 Behaviour of three types of stainless steel after exposure to elevated temperaturesTao, Zhong; Wang, Xing-Qiang; Hassan, Md. Kamrul; Song, Tian-Yi; Xie, Lian
 Effects of cold joints on the structural behaviour of polyurethane rigid foam panelsNemati, Saeed; Sharafi, Pezhman; Samali, Bijan
 Compressive strength and stiffness of concrete-filled double-tube columnsZheng, Yongqian; Tao, Zhong
 Additional structural damage from ground shock as a result of a bombingMcKenzie, Graeme J.; Samali, Bijan; Zhang, Chunwei; Ancich, Eric
 Design criteria for a controlled demolition (implosion)McKenzie, Graeme J.; Samali, Bijan; Zhang, Chunwei
 Effect of magnetized water on foam stability and compressive strength of foam concreteGhorbani, Saeid; Ghorbani, Sahar; Tao, Zhong; De Brito, Jorge; Tavakkolizadeh, Mohammadreza
 Damage diagnosis in bridge structures using rotation influence line: validation on a cable-stayed bridgeAlamdari, MMehrisadat M.; Kildashti, Kamyar; Samali, Bijan; Goudarzi, Hamid V.
 One-pot facile simultaneous in situ synthesis of conductive Ag–polyaniline composites using Keggin and Preyssler-type phosphotungstatesAmini, Abbas; Rahimi, Marjan; Nazari, Marziyeh; Cheng, Chun; Samali, Bijan
 Review of building design systems and problematic structural elements inhibiting progressive collapseMcKenzie, Graeme J.; Samali, Bijan; Zhang, Chunwei
 Real-time tracking of structural stiffness reduction with unknown inputs, using self-adaptive recursive least-square and curvature-change techniquesAskari, Mohsen; Yu, Yang; Zhang, Chunwei; Samali, Bijan; Gu, Xiaoyu
 Fibre Bragg grating sensor-based damage response monitoring of an asymmetric reinforced concrete shear wall structure subjected to progressive seismic loadsZhang, Chunwei; Alam, Zeshan; Sun, Li; Su, Zhongxin; Samali Bijan
 Fracture mechanics analysis of an anti-plane crack in gradient elastic sandwich composite structuresLi, Jine; Wang, Baolin
 Dual-phase-lagging heat conduction and associated thermal shock fracture of sandwich composite platesGuo, Songlin; Wang, Kaifa; Wang, Baolin
 Experimental and analytical investigations of a novel end anchorage for CFRP flexural retrofitsEslami, Abolfazl A; Shayegh, Hamid R.; Moghavem, Alireza; Ronagh, Hamid R.
 Geopolymer concrete at ambient and elevated temperatures: recent developments and challengesTao, Zhong; Pan, Zhu
 Seismic collapse assessment of a hybrid cold-formed hot-rolled steel buildingKildashti, Kamyar; Samali, Bijan; Mortazavi, Mina; Ronagh, Hamid R.; Sharafi, Pezhman
 Nonlinear vibration of piezoelectric sandwich nanoplates with functionally graded porous core with consideration of flexoelectric effectZeng, Saizing; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Kaifa
 Seismic evaluation and partial retrofitting of concrete bridge bents with defect detailsBahrani, Mohammad K.; Nooralizadeh, Amin; Usefi, Nima; Zargaran, Majid
 Experimental study of semi-active magnetorheological elastomer base isolation system using optimal neuro fuzzy logic controlGu, Xiaoyu; Yu, Yang; Li, Yancheng; Li, Jianchun; Askari, Mohsen; Samali, Bijan
 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Structural Engineering Research (iCSER2019), 4th GCSTMR World Congress, 19-22 January 2019, Dhaka, BangladeshMashir, Fidelis; Hassan, Md. Kamrul; Begum, Mahbuba; Saha Swapan; Ahsan, Raquib
 Impact of bed sill shapes on scour protection in river bed and banksSohrabi, Moslem; Keshavarzi, Alireza R.; Javan, Mahmood
 Reliability-based serviceability limit state design of a jacket substructure for an offshore wind turbineZhang, Jianhua; Kang, Won-Hee; Sun, Ke; Liu, Fushun
 Health monitoring of bridges using RPAsRashidi, Maria; Samali, Bijan
 Explicit force model for discrete modelling of elliptical particlesKildashti, Kamyar; Dong, Kejun; Samali, Bijan
 Design criteria essential for an uncontrolled demolition (explosion)McKenzie, Graeme J.; Samali, Bijan; Zhang, Chunwei
 Review collapse mechanisms causing damage from controlled and uncontrolled demolitionsMcKenzie, Graeme J.; Samali, Bijan; Zhang, Chunwei
 Thermodynamic-based exergy analysis of precious metal recovery out of waste printed circuit board through black copper smelting processGhodrat, Maryam; Samali, Bijan; Rhamdhani, Muhammad A.; Brooks, Geoffrey
 Detection of gaps in concrete-metal composite structures based on the feature extraction method using piezoelectric transducersGiri, Paritosh; Mishra, Spandan; Clark, Simon M.; Samali, Bijan
 Indirect bridge modal parameters identification with one stationary and one moving sensors and stochastic subspace identificationLi, Jiantao; Zhu, Xinqun; Law, Siu-Seong; Samali, Bijan
 Real-time monitoring of fatigue cracks in machine parts using microwave and laser imaging techniquesGiri, Paritosh; Kharkovsky, Sergey N.; Samali, Bijan; Salama, Robert S.
 Algorithm development for the non-destructive testing of structural damageNoori Hoshyar, Azadeh; Rashidi, Maria; Liyanapathirana, Ranjith; Samali, Bijan
 Drive-by blind modal identification with singular spectrum analysisLi, Jiantao; Zhu, Xinqun; Law, Siu-Seong; Samali, Bijan
 Parametric analysis on the circular CFST column and RBS steel beam jointsLi, Rui; Yu, Yang; Samali, Bijan; Li, Chengyu
 A creative validation method for Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) lateral pressure model using Archimedes' lawNemati, Saeed; Samali, Bijan; Sanati, Farshad; Aliabadizadeh, Yahya; Yaghmaei, Farzad
 Economic feasibility of energy recovery from waste plastic using pyrolysis technology: an Australian perspectiveGhodrat, Maryam; Alonso, J. Abascall; Hagare, Dharma; Yang, Rongni; Samali, Bijan
 A multi-way data analysis approach for structural health monitoring of a cable-stayed bridgeAlamdari, Mehrisadat M.; Khoa, Nguyen L.; Wang, Yang; Samali, Bijan; Zhu, Xingun
 Debonding detection in a carbon fibre reinforced concrete structure using guided wavesGiri, Paritosh; Kharkovsky, Sergey N.; Zhu, Xinqun; Clark, Simon M.; Samali, Bijan
 Mix composition and characterisation of one-part geopolymers with different activatorsAskarian, Mahya; Tao, Zhong; Samali, Bijan, Adam, Georgius A.; Shuaibu, Richard
 [In Press] Physical and mechanical properties of polymer modified self-compacting concrete (SCC) using natural and recycled aggregatesBani Ardalan, Reza; Nouri Emamzadeh, Zahra; Rasekh, Haleh; Joshaghani, Alireza; Samali, Bijan
 Characterization of carbon fiber reinforced polymer strengthened concrete and gap detection with a piezoelectric-based sensory techniqueGiri, Paritosh, Kharkovsky, Sergey N.; Zhu, Xinqun; Clark, Simon M.; Taheri, Shima; Samali, Bijan
 Microchemistry and microstructure of sustainable mined zeolite-geopolymerAmari, Samar; Darestani, Mariam T.; Millar, Graeme J.; Rintoul, Llew; Samali, Bijan
 Is it time to embrace building integrated photovoltaics?: a review with particular focus on AustraliaAlim, Mohammad A.; Tao, Zhong; Hassan, Md. Kamrul; Rahman Ataur; Wang, Baolin; Zhang, Chunwei; Samali, Bijan
 Investigation of terrain slope effects on wind enhancement by a line source fireEftekharian, Esmaeel; Ghodrat, Maryam; He, Yaping; Ong, Robert H.; Kwok, Kenny C. S.; Zhao, Ming; Samali, Bijan
 Piezoresistive properties of cement-based sensors: review and perspectiveDong, Wenkui; Li, Wengui; Tao, Zhong; Wang Kejin
 Behaviour of stainless steel bolts after exposure to elevated temperaturesHu, Ying; Tang, Shenglin; George, Adomako K.; Tao, Zhong; Wang, Xing-Qiang; Thai, Huu-Tai
 Electrical resistivity and mechanical properties of cementitious composite incorporating conductive rubber fibresDong, Wenkui; Li, Wengui; Long, Guodong; Tao, Zhong; Li, Jianchun; Wang, Kejin
 Compressive behaviour of steel columns filled with cold-bonded lightweight aggregate concreteHassan, Md. Kamrul; Bajracharya, Neelam; Tao, Zhong; Pan, Zhu; Rahme, Daniel
 Effects of saturation degrees, freezing-thawing, and curing on geotechnical properties of lime and lime-cement concretesJahandari, Soheil; Saberian, Mohammad; Tao Zhong; Mojtahedi, S. Faridfazel; Li, Jie; Ghasemi Mojtaba; Rezvani, S. Saeed; Li, Wengui
 Numerical models for lateral behaviour analysis of cold-formed steel framed walls: state of the art, evaluation and challengesUsefi, Nima; Sharafi, Pezhman; Ronagh, Hamid R.
 Seismic progressive-failure analysis of tall steel structures under beam-removal scenariosBehnam, Behrouz; Shojaei, Fahimeh; Ronagh, Hamid R.
 Estimating the cross-sectional area of inverted-V braces required for mitigating the progressive collapse of Steel Intermediate Moment Resisting FramesHashemi Rezvani, Farshad; Taghizadeh, Mohammad A.; Ronagh, Hamid R.
 Experimental and numerical investigation of an innovative buckling-restrained fuse under cyclic loadingMohammadi, Masoud; Kafi, Mohammad A.; Kheyroddin, Ali; Ronagh, Hamid R.
 Stability of stiffened cruciform steel columns under shear and compression by the complex finite strip methodNaderian, Hamidreza R.; Sanches, Rafaela; Mercan, Oya; Kushner, Paul J.; Azhari, Mojtaba; Ronagh, Hamid R.
 Stabilising the expansive subgrade of a permeable car parkDoan, Van C.; Leo Chin Jian; Liyanapathirana, Samanthika; Pan, Zhu; Huang, Qingtao; Wuhrer Richard
 Effects of size of zinc borate on the flame retardant properties of intumescent coatingsLu, Ning; Zhang, Pengchao; Wu, Ya'nan; Zhu, Danqing; Pan, Zhu
 Dynamic response of cracked thermoelectric materialsWang, P; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Kaifa
 Analysis of inclusion in thermoelectric materials: the thermal stress field and the effect of inclusion on thermoelectric propertiesWang, Pengxiang; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Kaifa; Cui, Youjiang
 Modeling of thermoelectric generators with effects of side surface heat convection and temperature dependence of material propertiesWang, Pengxiang; Wang, Kaifa; Wang, Baolin; Cui, Youjiang
 Analysis of three-dimensional ellipsoidal inclusions in thermoelectric solidsWang, P; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Kaifa; Hirakata, Hiroyuki; Zhang, Cheng
 Fracture analysis of superconducting composites with a sandwich structure based on electromagnetic-thermal coupled modelWang, Yu; Wang, Kaifa; Wang, Baolin; Zheng, Liang; Zhang, Chunwei
 Stretchability and compressibility of a novel layout design for flexible electronics based on bended wrinkle geometriesYan, Zhengang; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Kaifa
 Dual-phase-lag heat conduction and associate fracture mechanics of a ceramic fiber/matrix composite cylinderGuo, Songlin; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Kaifa
 Thermally induced vibration and strength failure analysis of thermoelectric generatorsCui, Youjiang; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Kaifa
 Temperature and performance modeling of thermoelectric generatorsWang, Pingping; Wang, Baolin; Li, J.E.
 A multi-scale model for predicting the thermal shock resistance of porous ceramics with temperature-dependent material propertiesLi, Z.; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Kaifa; Zheng, L.
 The thermal shock resistance prediction of porous ceramic sandwich structures with temperature-dependent material propertiesLi, Z.; Wang, Kaifa; Wang, Baolin; Guo, Songlin
 A novel cellular substrate for flexible electronics with negative Poisson ratios under large stretchingYan, Zhengang; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Kaifa; Zhang, Chunwei
 Power output evaluation of a porous annular thermoelectric generator for waste heat harvestingCui, Youjiang; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Kaifa; Zheng, L.
 [In Press] Nonlinear analysis of piezoelectric wind energy harvesters with different geometrical shapesWang, Kaifa; Wang, Baolin; Gao, Y.; Zhou, J. Y.
 [In Press] Exact solutions to magneto-electro-thermo-elastic fields for a cracked cylinder composite during thermal shockChang, Dongmei; Liu, Xuefeng; Wang, Baolin; Liu, Li; Wang, Tiegang; Wang, Quan; Han, Jianxin
 Thermal and electrical electrode/punch problem of thermoelectric materialsLi, J. E.; Wang, Baolin; Zhang, C.
 A comprehensive analysis of delamination and thermoelectric performance of thermoelectric pn-junctions with temperature-dependent material propertiesCui, Youjiang; Wang, Kaifa; Wang, Baolin; Li, J. E.; Zhou, J. Y.
 Lifetime prediction of thermoelectric devices under thermal cyclingWang, Pingping; Li, J. E.; Wang, Baolin; Shimada, Takahiro; Hirakata, Hiroyuki; Zhang, C.
 Theoretical analysis of the theromelectric generator considering surface to surrounding heat convection and contact resistancePang, Dandan; Zhang, Aibing; Wang, Baolin; Li, Guangyong
 Thermal shock resistance of ceramic foam sandwich structures: theoretical calculation and finite element simulationLi, Zhenghong; Wang, Baolin; Guo, Songlin; Li, Jun E.
 Discretization of sequential impulse force of coherent flow structures and its impact on sediment entrainment at threshold conditionsMohammadi, Gholamreza; Keshavarzi, Alireza R.
 [In Press] Analysis of flow at the vicinity of vegetation stems in the floodplain of a compound open channelSohrabi, Moslem; Keshavarzi, Alireza R.; Emdad, Homayoun; Javan, Mahmood
 Flow and longitudinal dispersion in channel with partly rigid floodplain vegetationFarzadkhoo, Maryam; Keshavarzi, Alireza R.; Hamidifar, Hossein; Ball, James E.
 Sudden pollutant discharge in vegetated compound meandering riversFarzadkhoo, Maryam; Keshavarzi, Alireza R.; Hamidifar, Hossein; Javan, Mahmood
 Mechanical properties of steel fiber reinforced recycled aggregate concreteRamesh, Rakul; Mirza, Olivia; Kang, Won-Hee
 Experiments and FEA based safety factor calibration for SFRRAC beamsRamesh, Rakul; Kang, Won-Hee; Mirza, Olivia
 Reliability analysis of girder bridge piers subjected to barge collisionsGholipour, Gholamreza; Zhang, Chunwei; Kang, Won-Hee; Mousavi, Asma A.
 Experimental investigation on semi-active control of base isolation system using magnetorheological dampers for concrete frame structureFu, Weiqing; Zhang, Chunwei; Li, Mao; Duan, Cunkun