Research Academics

The Centre's research staff are a group of high achieving academics that are working in disciplines relevant to the Centre's research agenda. Our philosophy is to maintain a mix of early, mid-career, and experienced researchers, all of whom have excellent track records.

Centre Director
Acting Program Director - Sustainability

Research interests include: Structural dynamics and its applications to wind and earthquake engineering and blast loading (in particular structural vibration control caused by environmental loads), dynamic assessment and health monitoring of bridges and smart building facades as well as special performance concrete.

Professor of Engineering
Program Director - Structures

Research interests include: Overwrap repair of Subsea pipelines, mitigating the risk of post-earthquake fire failure, innovative construction technologies, hybrid hot-rolled/cold-formed systems, response of composite cold-formed steel-concrete floor systems to vibration, and the progressive collapse of structures.

Professor of Infrastructure Materials
HDR Director
Program Director - Materials

Research interests include: Construction materials, steel-concrete composite structures, and structural fire engineering.

Associate Professor

Research interests include: hydrology and water resources management, hydraulic structures, hydraulic engineering, and computational fluid dynamics.

Alireza Keshavarzy

Associate Professor of Infrastructure Computations
Honours Coordinator

Research interests include: Solid mechanics with particular interest in fracture mechanics, fatigue and fracture of engineering materials and structures, structural dynamics analysis and simulation, heat conduction and thermal and residual stresses, and micro/nanoscale mechanics.

Senior Lecturer in Structural Control

Research interests include: Structural control, blast resistance and protective engineering.

Senior Lecturer in Infrastructure Engineering
Research Seminar Coordinator

Research interests include: Simulation and modelling of particulate systems, particularly in particle packing, particle flow, and physical separation of particles.

Senior Lecturer
ARC Senior Research Fellow - DECRA
Associate HDR Director

Research interests include: Structural optimisation, advanced structural systems, modular buildings, prefabricated construction systems, cost optimisation of structures, sustainable structures, computer aided design and parametric design.

Senior Lecturer

Research interests include: Thermodynamic, heat transfer, solar energy, fluid mechanics, industrial ventilation and HVAC sustainable development.

Senior Lecturer in Structural Reliability
Teaching Co-ordinator

Research interests include: Structural reliability, stochastic damage detection, lifeline system analysis, probabilistic strength models, and systematic treatment of uncertainties.


Research interests include: Cold formed steel structures and earthquake engineering.


Research interests include: New polymer formulations for soil stabilization/remediation and dust suppression, nanocomposites, bio-mimicking and bio-inspiration, sustainable designs and formulations.

Bob Abtahi


Research interests include: computational mechanics, nonlinear finite element analysis, boundary element method, discrete element method, bridge health monitoring, structural dynamics, dynamic soil structure interaction, performance-based earthquake engineering, structural collapse analysis, and seismic rehabilitation of heritage buildings.

Senior Lecturer in Infrastructure Systems

Research interests include: Bridge management systems, Systematic asset management for civil infrastructure, condition assessment & remediation planning of concrete bridges, managing ancillary transportation assets, lifecycle management and risk management of civil infrastructure, development of decision support systems for infrastructure planning.


Research interests include: Repair of steel pipelines with composite overwraps, rehabilitation and retrofitting of steel structures with FRP, composite of timber and FRP, reliability of structures, application of FRP composites in prefabricated construction, sustainable structures, non-linear FE modelling.

Lecturer in Infrastructure Materials

Research interests include: Alternative cement binders utilizing waste by-products, nannoreinforcements in cement-based materials, making sustainable concrete, investigating fracture mechanics and dynamic behaviours of concrete and the fire resistance of concrete.


Research interests include: Composite materials and structures, reinforced concrete structures, and structural fire engineering.

Doctor Cheng (Jason) Jiang