The Centre for Infrastructure Engineering (formerly Institute for Infrastructure Engineering) delivers the highest quality expertise to corporate, government, industry, and community clients, offering highly specialised engineering consulting and research capabilities aimed at identifying practical and efficient solutions to clients' needs across the main disciplines of construction technology, structural engineering, testing and design.

This includes providing:

  • Structural testing: beams, columns, joints, wall panels
  • Static analysis and modelling of structures and components
  • Materials testing: concrete, steel, timber, composites
  • Dynamic analysis and modelling of structures and components
  • Fire testing: cylinders, short columns
  • Finite element analysis of structures and components
  • Dynamic testing
  • Wind and earthquake loading analysis
  • Impact testing
  • Thermal analysis
  • Bridge testing and load rating
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Damper systems

By utilising the experience of various disciplines within the Centre, assessments beyond the structural requirements are also possible with experts in materials, electronics and sustainability. Please contact us today to discuss your project needs.

Consultation Enquiries: 

Dr. Nariman Saeed


Prof. Bijan Samali


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