Structural Performance Of Permanent Formwork Systems

CIE is evaluating the structural performance of permanent formwork systems by the names of AFS-Logicwall and AFS-Rediwall. The aim of this research is to examine the performance of AFS panels by means of experimental laboratory tests and numerical simulations.

AFS-Logicwall panels are created by attaching fibre cement boards to galvanised steel studs to form lightweight sandwich panels. The panels can be handled on-site quickly and poured with concrete. The fibre cement board remains in place and makes a substrate for the final finishes. AFS-Rediwall panels are PVC panel systems that act as the permanent formwork for in-situ concrete columns. The extruded polymer subassemblies facilitate the concrete construction with a quick installation technique. Several samples of AFS panels, along with conventional columns in Australian practice are selected for laboratory tests.

ABAQUS software was utilised and calibrated for numerical simulations, by implementing sophisticated material constitutive laws.

Doctor Kamyar Kildashti

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research interests include: computational mechanics, nonlinear finite element analysis, boundary element method, discrete element method, bridge health monitoring, structural dynamics, dynamic soil structure interaction, performance-based earthquake engineering, structural collapse analysis, and seismic rehabilitation of heritage buildings.