Air-purifying Coating

With this project, the Centre for Infrastructure Engineering aims to develop technology which can contribute significantly towards reducing the impact of Nitrogren Oxide emissions (NOx) from fossil fuel combustion. World Health Organisation estimates suggest approximately 1.3 million deaths worldwide can be attributed to urban outdoor air pollution each year. Sydney's metropolitan area is a key source of national income in tourism, as well as other major cities across the country. Thus, it is in the national interest to address NOx emissions from both a medical and financial standpoint.

Air-purifying coating is a surface coating activated by solar energy. Sunlight acts as the catalyst for a natural reaction utilising water and oxygen to convert polluting substances, such as nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides and other volatile organic compounds into a harmless form. Structural surfaces such as walls, pavement, concrete, asphalt and others are potential candidates for air purifying operations. With implementation of this project, it is expected that approximately 200m2 of air-purifying coating will be able to purify the NOx emitted by 10 cars travelling 40km each day. Such a reduction in emissions will be a significantly positive step in achieving environmental goals.

For more information regarding this project, please see the Air-Purifying Coating Brochure.

Doctor Hadi Hosseiniamoli

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research interests include: Sustainable green construction, air purifying pavement, concrete technology, greenhouse gas emissions, and catalyst composite materials.