2019 Publications

Centre For Infrastructure Engineering


 [In Press] Analysis of flow at the vicinity of vegetation stems in the floodplain of a compound open channelSohrabi, Moslem; Keshavarzi, Alireza R.; Emdad, Homayoun; Javan, Mahmood
 [In Press] Exact solutions to magneto-electro-thermo-elastic fields for a cracked cylinder composite during thermal shockChang, Dongmei; Liu, Xuefeng; Wang, Baolin; Liu, Li; Wang, Tiegang; Wang, Quan; Han, Jianxin
 [In Press] Nonlinear analysis of piezoelectric wind energy harvesters with different geometrical shapesWang, Kaifa; Wang, Baolin; Gao, Y.; Zhou, J. Y.
 [In Press] Physical and mechanical properties of polymer modified self-compacting concrete (SCC) using natural and recycled aggregatesBani Ardalan, Reza; Nouri Emamzadeh, Zahra; Rasekh, Haleh; Joshaghani, Alireza; Samali, Bijan
 36Cl preparation method for Chinese Karst samples (Tiankeng)Shen H, Sasa K, Meng Q, Matsumura M, Matsunaka T, Hosoya S, Takahashi T, Honda M, Sueki K, Chen L, Lu H, He M, Huang B, Qin Y, Li J, Lan H, Li Z, Zhao Z, Liu M, Wei S, Qi M, Zhao Q, Dong K, Guan Y, Jiang S
 A comprehensive analysis of delamination and thermoelectric performance of thermoelectric pn-junctions with temperature-dependent material propertiesCui Y, Wang K, Wang B, Li J, Zhou J
 A creative validation method for Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) lateral pressure model using Archimedes' lawNemati S, Samali B, Sanati F, Aliabadizadeh Y, Yaghmaei F
 A double cantilever beam model for fracture toughness analysis of superconductorsWang K, Wang B
 A family of lanthanide complexes with a bis-tridentate nitronyl nitroxide radical : syntheses, structures and magnetic propertiesMiao H, Li H, Shen F, Wei H, Wang B, Wang X
 A framework to estimate heat energy loss in building operationNajjar M, Figueiredo K, Hammad A, Tam V, Jorge Evangelista A, Haddad A
 A multi-scale model for predicting the thermal shock resistance of porous ceramics with temperature-dependent material propertiesLi Z, Wang B, Wang K, Zheng L
 A multi-way data analysis approach for structural health monitoring of a cable-stayed bridgeAlamdari M, Khoa N, Wang Y, Samali B, Zhu X
 A novel cellular substrate for flexible electronics with negative Poisson ratios under large stretchingYan Z, Wang B, Wang K, Zhang C
 A review of rainwater harvesting in South East AsiaTrinh T, Rahman A, Alim M
 A review study on encapsulation-based self-healing for cementitious materialsXue C, Li W, Li J, Tam V, Ye G
 Adaptive reuse in sustainable developmentTam V, Hao J
 Additional structural damage from ground shock as a result of a bombingMckenzie G, Samali B, Zhang C, Ancich E
 Airflow dynamics and aerosol particle transport in a human lungRahman M, Zhao M, Islam M, Dong K, Saha S
 Algorithm development for the non-destructive testing of structural damageNoori Hoshyar A, Rashidi M, Liyanapathirana R, Samali B
 An assessment of concrete, steel and timber products in a commercial building using life-cycle analysis resultsTran C, Tam V, Le K
 An exploratory model on greenhouse-gas emissions and costing assessment in building operation stageTam V, Le K, Tran C, Illankoon C
 Analysis of inclusion in thermoelectric materials : the thermal stress field and the effect of inclusion on thermoelectric propertiesWang P, Wang B, Wang K, Cui Y
 Analysis of three-dimensional ellipsoidal inclusions in thermoelectric solidsWang P, Wang B, Wang K, Hirakata H, Zhang C
 Analytical model for the bond stress-slip relationship of deformed bars in normal strength concreteLin H, Zhao Y, Ozbolt J, Feng P, Jiang C, Eligehausen R
 Anti-plane fracture mechanics analysis of a piezoelectric material layer with strain and electric field gradient effectsLi J, Wang B, Zhang C
 Applicability of Casa Azul certification as sustainability tool available in Brazil - case study : Condo Neo NiteroiTam V, Dinamarco C, Haddad A, Jorge Evangelista A
 Application of statistical analysis to evaluate the corrosion resistance of steel rebars embedded in concrete with marble and granite waste dustTaji I, Ghorbani S, De Brito J, Tam V, Sharifi S, Davoodi A, Tavakkolizadeh M
 Approximate and explicit expression of optical forces and pull-in instability of a silicon nano-optomechanical deviceWang K, Wang B
 Atomistic insights into the growth of Bi (110) thin films on Cu (111) substrateWang X, Yang X, Shen N, Wang B, Ge G, Wang G, Wan J
 Axial segregation of a rotating drum with an inclined axis of rotationWidhate P, Zhu H, Zeng Q, Dong K
 Behaviors of recycled aggregate concrete-filled steel tubular columns under eccentric loadingsTam V, Xiao J, Liu S, Chen Z
 Behaviour of stainless steel bolts after exposure to elevated temperaturesHu Y, Tang S, George A, Tao Z, Wang X, Thai H
 Behaviour of three types of stainless steel after exposure to elevated temperaturesTao Z, Wang X, Hassan M, Song T, Xie L
 Benefits and limitations of genome-wide association studiesTam V, Patel N, Turcotte M, Bosse Y, Pare G, Meyre D
 Bimodal self-assembly of granular spheres under vertical vibrationAmirifar R, Dong K, Zeng Q, An X
 Bond behavior of basalt textile meshes in ultra-high ductility cementitious compositesJiang J, Jiang C, Li B, Feng P
 Characterization of carbon fiber reinforced polymer strengthened concrete and gap detection with a piezoelectric-based sensory techniqueGiri P, Kharkovsky S, Zhu X, Clark S, Taheri S, Samali B
 Characterization of model uncertainty of adhesively bonded CFRP-to-steel jointsYu Q, Gu X, Zhao X, Zhang D, Huang H, Jiang C
 Compressive behaviour of steel columns filled with cold-bonded lightweight aggregate concreteHassan M, Bajracharya N, Tao Z, Pan Z, Rahme D
 Compressive strength and stiffness of concrete-filled double-tube columnsZheng Y, Tao Z
 Conceptual framework for renovation waste management based on renovation waste generation rates in residential buildings : an empirical study in ChinaDing Z, Gong W, Tam V, Illankoon C
 Confinement effectiveness of circular concrete-filled steel tubular columns under axial compressionWei Y, Jiang C, Wu Y
 Considering life-cycle environmental impacts and society's willingness for optimizing construction and demolition waste management fee : an empirical study of ChinaWang J, Wu H, Tam V, Zuo J
 Construction debris becomes growing concern of growing citiesDuan H, Miller T, Liu G, Tam V
 Construction delay risk taxonomy, associations and regional contexts : a systematic review and meta-analysisDerakhshanfar H, Ochoa J, Kirytopoulos K, Mayer W, Tam V
 Current progress on nanotechnology application in recycled aggregate concreteLuo Z, Li W, Tam V, Xiao J, Shah S
 Damage diagnosis in bridge structures using rotation influence line : validation on a cable-stayed bridgeAlamdari M, Kildashti K, Samali B, Goudarzi H
 Debonding detection in a carbon fibre reinforced concrete structure using guided wavesGiri P, Kharkovsky S, Zhu X, Clark S, Samali B
 Decoupling China's economic growth from carbon emissions : empirical studies from 30 Chinese provinces (2001-2015)Wu Y, Tam V, Shuai C, Shen L, Zhang Y, Liao S
 Design criteria essential for an uncontrolled demolition (explosion)Mckenzie G, Samali B, Zhang C
 Design criteria for a controlled demolition (implosion)Mckenzie G, Samali B, Zhang C
 Detection of gaps in concrete-metal composite structures based on the feature extraction method using piezoelectric transducersGiri P, Mishra S, Clark S, Samali B
 Developing the measurement of 60Fe with AMS at CIAEZhang Y, He M, Wang F, Zhao Q, Liu J, Wu S, Li K, You Q, Dong K, Jiang S
 Development of a carbon emissions analysis framework using building information modeling and life cycle assessment for the construction of hospital projectsLu K, Jiang X, Tam V, Li M, Wang H, Xia B, Chen Q
 Discretization of sequential impulse force of coherent flow structures and its impact on sediment entrainment at threshold conditionsMohammadi, Gholamreza; Keshavarzi, Alireza R.
 Displacement ratios for structures with material degradation and foundation upliftDolatshahi K, Vafaei A, Kildashti K, Hamidia M
 Drive-by blind modal identification with singular spectrum analysisLi J, Zhu X, Law S, Samali B
 Dual-phase-lag heat conduction and associate fracture mechanics of a ceramic fiber/matrix composite cylinderGuo S, Wang B, Wang K
 Dual-phase-lagging heat conduction and associated thermal shock fracture of sandwich composite platesGuo S, Wang K, Wang B
 Dynamic response of cracked thermoelectric materialsWang P, Wang B, Wang K
 Economic feasibility of energy recovery from waste plastic using pyrolysis technology : an Australian perspectiveGhodrat M, Alonso J, Hagare D, Yang C, Samali B
 Effect of bridging ligands on magnetic behavior in dinuclear dysprosium cores supported by polyoxometalatesHuo Y, Chen Y, Wu S, Liu J, Jia J, Chen W, Wang B, Zhang Y, Tong M
 Effect of buckling on the cooling performance of free-standing planar thermoelectric coolersCui Y, Wang K, Wang B, Zheng L
 Effect of crushed concrete waste's maximum size as partial replacement of natural coarse aggregate on the mechanical and durability properties of concreteGhorbani S, Sharifi S, Ghorbani S, Tam V, De Brito J, Kurda R
 Effect of fly ash and slag on concrete : properties and emission analysesTam V, Le K, Jorge Evangelista A, Butera A, Tran C, Teara A
 Effect of interfacial bond on plastic hinge length of FRP-confined RC columnsJiang C, Yuan F, Wu Y, Zhao X
 Effect of magnetized water on foam stability and compressive strength of foam concreteGhorbani S, Ghorbani S, Tao Z, De Brito J, Tavakkolizadeh M
 Effect of temperature-dependent critical current density on the fracture behavior for a rectangular superconducting slab with a center crackWang Y, Wang B, Wang K, Zheng L
 Effects of cold joints on the structural behaviour of polyurethane rigid foam panelsNemati S, Sharafi P, Samali B
 Effects of saturation degrees, freezing-thawing, and curing on geotechnical properties of lime and lime-cement concretesJahandari S, Saberian M, Tao Z, Mojtahedi S, Li J, Ghasemi M, Rezvani S, Li W
 Effects of size of zinc borate on the flame retardant properties of intumescent coatingsLu, Ning; Zhang, Pengchao; Wu, Ya'nan; Zhu, Danqing; Pan, Zhu
 Electrical resistivity and mechanical properties of cementitious composite incorporating conductive rubber fibresDong W, Li W, Long G, Tao Z, Li J, Wang K
 Energy efficiency in Australia : occupant behaviourTam V, Almeida L, Le K
 Enhancing medical learners' knowledge of, comfort and confidence in holding serious illness conversationsTam V, You J, Bernacki R
 Estimating the cross-sectional area of inverted-V braces required for mitigating the progressive collapse of Steel Intermediate Moment Resisting FramesHashemi Rezvani, Farshad; Taghizadeh, Mohammad A.; Ronagh, Hamid R.
 Evaluation of carbon nanotube incorporation in cementitious composite materialsJorge Evangelista A, Morais J, Tam V, Soomro M, Di Gregorio L, Haddad A
 Evaluation of workplace safety performance in the Chinese petroleum industryMa M, Tam V, Huang Z, Sing M, Shen L
 Experimental and analytical investigations of a novel end anchorage for CFRP flexural retrofitsEslami, Abolfazl A; Shayegh, Hamid R.; Moghavem, Alireza; Ronagh, Hamid R.
 Experimental and numerical investigation of an innovative buckling-restrained fuse under cyclic loadingMohammadi, Masoud; Kafi, Mohammad A.; Kheyroddin, Ali; Ronagh, Hamid R.
 Experimental evaluation of precast concrete beam-column connections with high-strength steel rebarsGuan D, Guo Z, Jiang C, Yang S, Yang H
 Experimental investigation on semi-active control of base isolation system using magnetorheological dampers for concrete frame structureFu, Weiqing; Zhang, Chunwei; Li, Mao; Duan, Cunkun
 Experimental study of semi-active magnetorheological elastomer base isolation system using optimal neuro fuzzy logic controlGu X, Yu Y, Li Y, Li J, Askari M, Samali B
 Experiments and FEA based safety factor calibration for SFRRAC beamsRamesh R, Kang W, Mirza O
 Explicit force model for discrete modelling of elliptical particlesKildashti K, Dong K, Samali B
 Exposure age dating of Chinese tiankengs by 36Cl-AMSShen H, Sasa K, Meng Q, Matsumura M, Matsunaka T, Hosoya S, Takahashi T, Honda M, Sueki K, He M, Huang B, Lu H, Chen L, Qin Y, Li J, Lan H, Li Z, Zhao Z, Liu M, Wei S, Qi M, Zhao Q, Dong K, Guan Y, Ruan X, Jiang S
 Feature-based comparison of international green neighbourhood assessment systemsKarimipour H, Tam V, Le K
 Fibre Bragg grating sensor-based damage response monitoring of an asymmetric reinforced concrete shear wall structure subjected to progressive seismic loadsZhang C, Alam Z, Sun L, Su Z, Samali B
 Field-Induced Single-Ion Magnetic Behavior in Two Mononuclear Cobalt(II) ComplexesCui Y, Xu Y, Liu X, Li Y, Wang B, Dong Y, Li W, Lei S
 Finite element study on bearing capacities of hook-bolt joint of assembled GRC wall with light steel skeleton frameTang Z, Zha X, Wang B
 Finite element study on mechanical performances of multi-span metal faced sandwich panels under temperature actionsTang Z, Zha X, Wang B
 Finite element study on shear performances of in-filled bolt joint of assembled grc wall with light steel skeleton frameTang Z, Zha X, Wang B
 Flow and longitudinal dispersion in channel with partly rigid floodplain vegetationFarzadkhoo, Maryam; Keshavarzi, Alireza R.; Hamidifar, Hossein; Ball, James E.
 Fracture analysis of superconducting composites with a sandwich structure based on electromagnetic-thermal coupled modelWang Y, Wang K, Wang B, Zheng L, Zhang C
 Fracture mechanics analysis of an anti-plane crack in gradient elastic sandwich composite structuresLi J, Wang B
 Geopolymer concrete at ambient and elevated temperatures : recent developments and challengesTao Z, Pan Z
 Health monitoring of bridges using RPAsRashidi M, Samali B
 Hysteresis modeling for cyclic behavior of concrete-steel composite joints using modified CSOYu Y, Samali B, Zhang C, Askari M
 Impact of bed sill shapes on scour protection in river bed and banksSohrabi, Moslem; Keshavarzi, Alireza R.; Javan, Mahmood
 Indicators for assessing the sustainable contribution of infrastructure to the mountainous townshipsShe Y, Zuo J, Tam V
 Indirect bridge modal parameters identification with one stationary and one moving sensors and stochastic subspace identificationLi J, Zhu X, Law S, Samali B
 Integrating parametric analysis with building information modeling to improve energy performance of construction projectsNajjar M, Tam V, Di Gregorio L, Evangelista A, Hammad A, Haddad A
 Investigation of a method for strengthening perforated cold-formed steel profiles under compression loadsTaheri E, Firouzianhaji A, Usefi N, Mehrabi P, Ronagh H, Samali B
 Investigation of terrain slope effects on wind enhancement by a line source fireEftekharian E, Ghodrat M, He Y, Ong R, Kwok K, Zhao M, Samali B
 Is it time to embrace building integrated photovoltaics? : a review with particular focus on AustraliaAlim M, Tao Z, Hassan M, Rahman A, Wang B, Zhang C, Samali B
 Life cycle costing for decision making in construction and demolition waste management : a critical reviewIllankoon C, Tam V
 Life-cycle cost model for green star office buildings in AustraliaIllankoon I, Tam V, Le K, Weerakoon S
 Life-cycle greenhouse gas emission analyses for Green Star's concrete credits in AustraliaLe K, Tam V, Tran C, Wang J, Goggins B
 Lifetime prediction of thermoelectric devices under thermal cyclingWang P, Li J, Wang B, Shimada T, Hirakata H, Zhang C
 Macro- and microscopic analyses of piles formed by Platonic solidsZhao H, An X, Dong K, Yang R, Xu F, Fu H, Zhang H, Yang X
 Mechanical properties of new dry-type beam-column bolt connection jointMa W, Li Y, Ding K, Cheng B, Liu J, Hao J, Tam V
 Mechanical properties of steel fiber reinforced recycled aggregate concreteRamesh R, Mirza O, Kang W
 Methods for monitoring construction off-road vehicle emissions : a critical review for identifying deficiencies and directionsSepasgozar S, Li H, Shirowzhan S, Tam V
 Microchemistry and microstructure of sustainable mined zeolite-geopolymerAmari S, Darestani M, Millar G, Rintoul L, Samali B
 Mix composition and characterisation of one-part geopolymers with different activatorsAskarian M, Tao Z, Samali B, Adam G, Shuaibu R
 MnB2 nanosheet and nanotube: stability, electronic structures, novel functionalization and application for Li-ion batteriesZhang B, Fan L, Hu J, Gu J, Wang B, Zhang Q
 Modeling of thermoelectric generators with effects of side surface heat convection and temperature dependence of material propertiesWang P, Wang K, Wang B, Cui Y
 Negative electron affinity driven broadband absorption of Cs3+nPbnSb2I9+3n/GaN van der Waals heterostructuresYang X, Shu H, Wang X, Shen Y, Shen N, Wang B, Wan J, Wang G
 Non-contact structural health monitoring of a cable-stayed bridge : case studyAlamdari, M, Ge L, Kildashti K, Zhou Y, Harvey B, Du Z
 Nonlinear vibration of piezoelectric sandwich nanoplates with functionally graded porous core with consideration of flexoelectric effectZeng S, Wang B, Wang K
 Numerical discrete-element method investigation on failure process of recycled aggregate concreteTan X, Li W, Zhao M, Tam V
 Numerical investigation of modified splice plate beam-to-beam connections for prefabricated composite structureHassan M, Tajhya S
 Numerical investigations on random close packings of cylindrical particles with different aspect ratiosQian Q, An X, Zhao H, Dong K, Yang X
 Numerical models for lateral behaviour analysis of cold-formed steel framed walls : state of the art, evaluation and challengesUsefi N, Sharafi P, Ronagh H
 One-pot facile simultaneous in situ synthesis of conductive Ag-polyaniline composites using Keggin and Preyssler-type phosphotungstatesAmini A, Rahimi M, Nazari M, Cheng C, Samali B
 Parametric analysis on the circular CFST column and RBS steel beam jointsLi R, Yu Y, Samali B, Li C
 Particle conveying under microgravity in a vibrating vesselLi C, Dong K, Shen Y, Yu A
 Particle scale study on the crystallization of mono-sized cylindrical particles subject to vibrationQian Q, An X, Zhao H, Dong K, Wu Y, Fu H, Zhang H, Yang X
 Performance of concrete filled stainless steel tubular (CFSST) columns and joints : summary of recent researchHan L, Xu C, Tao Z
 Physical-mechanical properties of fly ash/GGBFS geopolymer composites with recycled aggregatesHu Y, Tang Z, Li W, Li Y, Tam V
 Piezoresistive properties of cement-based sensors : review and perspectiveDong W, Li W, Tao Z, Wang K
 Power output evaluation of a porous annular thermoelectric generator for waste heat harvestingCui Y, Wang B, Wang K, Zheng L
 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Structural Engineering Research (iCSER2019), 4th GCSTMR World Congress, 19-22 January 2019, Dhaka, BangladeshMashir, Fidelis; Hassan, Md. Kamrul; Begum, Mahbuba; Saha Swapan; Ahsan, Raquib
 Quantifying the effects of general waste reduction on greenhouse-gas emissions at public facilitiesKarimipour H, Tam V, Burnie H, Le K
 Rainwater harvesting for drinking purposes in rural areas : a case study in Western SydneyAgha D, Rahman A, Alim M, Roy R, Khan M, Shirin S
 Real-time monitoring of fatigue cracks in machine parts using microwave and laser imaging techniquesGiri, Paritosh; Kharkovsky, Sergey N.; Samali, Bijan; Salama, Robert S.
 Real-time tracking of structural stiffness reduction with unknown inputs, using self-adaptive recursive least-square and curvature-change techniquesAskari, Mohsen; Yu, Yang; Zhang, Chunwei; Samali, Bijan; Gu, Xiaoyu
 Recycled ceramic fine aggregate for masonry mortar productionJorge Evangelista A, Tam V, Santos J
 Reliability analysis of girder bridge piers subjected to barge collisionsGholipour, Gholamreza; Zhang, Chunwei; Kang, Won-Hee; Mousavi, Asma A.
 Reliability-based serviceability limit state design of a jacket substructure for an offshore wind turbineZhang, Jianhua; Kang, Won-Hee; Sun, Ke; Liu, Fushun
 Remote sensing of a cable stayed bridge through displacement influence lineAlamdari M, Ge L, Kildashti K, Zhou Y
 Review collapse mechanisms causing damage from controlled and uncontrolled demolitionsMcKenzie, Graeme J.; Samali, Bijan; Zhang, Chunwei
 Review of building design systems and problematic structural elements inhibiting progressive collapseMcKenzie, Graeme J.; Samali, Bijan; Zhang, Chunwei
 Review of strength behaviour of circular concrete filled steel tubes under monotonic pure bendingGunawardena Y, Aslani F, Uy B, Kang W, Hicks S
 Review on designs and properties of multifunctional alkali-activated materials (AAMs)Tang Z, Li W, Hu Y, Zhou J, Tam V
 Review on green building rating tools used in AustraliaIllankoon C, Tam V, Le K, Tran C
 Review on green building rating tools worldwide : recommendations for AustraliaIllankoon C, Tam V, Le K, Tran C, Ma M
 Seismic collapse assessment of a hybrid cold-formed hot-rolled steel buildingKildashti, Kamyar; Samali, Bijan; Mortazavi, Mina; Ronagh, Hamid R.; Sharafi, Pezhman
 Seismic evaluation and partial retrofitting of concrete bridge bents with defect detailsBahrani, Mohammad K.; Nooralizadeh, Amin; Usefi, Nima; Zargaran, Majid
 Seismic progressive-failure analysis of tall steel structures under beam-removal scenariosBehnam, Behrouz; Shojaei, Fahimeh; Ronagh, Hamid R.
 Single-Molecule Magnetism in Three Dy2 Complexes from the Use of a Pentadentate Schiff Base Ligand and Different BenzoatesGe Y, Li D, Wang G, Cui Y, Najib M, Li Y, Wang B
 Stabilising the expansive subgrade of a permeable car parkDoan, Van C.; Leo Chin Jian; Liyanapathirana, Samanthika; Pan, Zhu; Huang, Qingtao; Wuhrer Richard
 Stability of stiffened cruciform steel columns under shear and compression by the complex finite strip methodNaderian, Hamidreza R.; Sanches, Rafaela; Mercan, Oya; Kushner, Paul J.; Azhari, Mojtaba; Ronagh, Hamid R.
 State-of-the-art review on the bond properties of corroded reinforcing steel barLin H, Zhao Y, Feng P, Ye H, Ozbolt J, Jiang C, Yang J
 Stretchability and compressibility of a novel layout design for flexible electronics based on bended wrinkle geometriesYan, Zhengang; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Kaifa
 Structural performance of self-compacting concreteMoravvej M, Rashidi M
 Structures and Properties of Core-Shell B@Mn8@Mg10 Cluster and Brief of Efficient Core-Shell Cluster Algorithm and Global Minima Algorithm Based on a Sequential Microdisplacement Press-Expand MethodFan B, Ge G, Wang B, Wang G, Wan J
 Sudden pollutant discharge in vegetated compound meandering riversFarzadkhoo, Maryam; Keshavarzi, Alireza R.; Hamidifar, Hossein; Javan, Mahmood
 Sulfate attack resistance of sustainable concrete incorporating various industrial solid wastesTang Z, Li W, Ke G, Zhou J, Tam V
 Synthesis, Structures, and Single-Molecule Magnetic Properties of Three Dy2 ComplexesGe Y, Huang Y, Montenegro J, Cui Y, Liu W, Li Y, Wang B
 System dynamics-based stakeholders' impact analysis of highway maintenance systemsZhang H, Zhao J, Tam V
 Temperature and performance modeling of thermoelectric generatorsWang, Pingping; Wang, Baolin; Li, J.E.
 The thermal shock resistance prediction of porous ceramic sandwich structures with temperature-dependent material propertiesLi, Z.; Wang, Kaifa; Wang, Baolin; Guo, Songlin
 Theoretical analysis of the thermoelectric generator considering surface to surrounding heat convection and contact resistancePang D, Zhang A, Wang B, Li G
 Thermal and electrical electrode/punch problem of thermoelectric materialsLi, J. E.; Wang, Baolin; Zhang, C.
 Thermal shock resistance of ceramic foam sandwich structures: theoretical calculation and finite element simulationLi, Zhenghong; Wang, Baolin; Guo, Songlin; Li, Jun E.
 Thermally induced vibration and strength failure analysis of thermoelectric generatorsCui, Youjiang; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Kaifa
 Thermodynamic-based exergy analysis of precious metal recovery out of waste printed circuit board through black copper smelting processGhodrat, Maryam; Samali, Bijan; Rhamdhani, Muhammad A.; Brooks, Geoffrey
 Transient thermal stresses in a laminated spherical shell of thermoelectric materialsLiu Y, Wang K, Wang B
 Uniaxial compressive behaviors of fly ash/slag-based geopolymeric concrete with recycled aggregatesTang Z, Hu Y, Tam V, Li W
 United Nation's sustainable development goals : establishing baseline for Australian building sectorIllankoon C, Tam V, Le K
 Using machine learning for carbon-conditioning recycled aggregate concrete modellingTam V, Butera A, Ferreira Da Silva L, Jorge Evangelista A
 Well dispersed SnO2 nanoclusters preparation and modulation of metal-insulator transition induced by ionic liquidLiu Z, Chen X, Zhu Y, Zhao S, Wang Z, Wang F, Meng Q, Zhu L, Zhang Q, Wang B, Fan L