Capabilities and Facilities


Relying on extensive resources and competencies, SAHM is capable of providing services in the following areas:

➢ Drone inspection for monitoring of structures
➢ Static & dynamic testing
➢ Experimental modal analysis
➢ Numerical modelling
➢ Damage identification
➢ Finite element model updating
➢ Condition rating
➢ Bridge life cycle analysis
➢ Assessment of future condition of bridges
➢ Priority ranking for budget allocation
➢ Remediation planning
➢ Decision support systems for bridge asset management
➢ Structural health monitoring


The Structural Research and Testing Laboratory at CIE is one of the best testing and research facilities in Australia. It includes several multi-purpose structural testing and sensor technology laboratories. The facility complies with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for testing. Some of the major testing and monitoring facilities at SAHM include:

➢ Intel Falcon 8+ drone
➢ Hongshan 1000 tonne multipurpose testing machine
➢ Elevated temperature test rig
➢ Strong Floor of 8m*16m and associated testing rigs including multiple actuators
➢ Advanced materials testing equipment
➢ Automated microwave imaging system


➢ Developing a Low-cost Accurate Bridge Weigh in Motion System for Estimation of Gross and AxleVehicle Weights (Funding: DATA61)
➢ Development of a Novel Mobile Sensory System for Bridge Health Monitoring (Funding: Australian Research Council)
➢ Feasibility study of using Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Systems for Bridge Inspection (Funding: Road and Maritime Services)
➢ Structural assessment of Eight Major Bridges (Funding: Council of the City of Sydney)
➢ Structural Assessment of Two Composite Bridges (Funding: Palerang Council)
➢ Modelling and Fuzzy Semi-Active Control of Seismically Excited Building incorporated with Newly Developed Adaptive MRE Base Isolator (FEIT Research Seed Funding Grants)
➢ Health Assessment of Timber Poles and Transmission Towers in Service, subjected to Ambient Conditions, Using Fuzzy Transfer Learning (FEIT Blue Sky Grants, Collaborative Project with UTS)
➢ Condition Assessment and Health Monitoring of In-service Civil Infrastructure Using Deep Learning (Early Career Research Grants, Collaborative Project with UTS)
➢ Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation of Existing Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Bridges in Middle East as per requirements of Caltrans, FHWA, and AASHTO
➢ Composite Overwrap Repair System for Pipelines-Onshore and Offshore Application, Sponsored by CRC-ACS
➢ Development of a Decision Support System for Management of Bridges, Sponsored by RailCorp
➢ Development of Cost Effective Techniques for Maintenance and Management of Timber Bridge Assets, Sponsored by IPWEA