Advanced Hydraulic Research Laboratory

In the last year, CIE has been very fortunate to have Professor Alireza Keshavarzy join us. Under Prof. Keshavarzy’s supervision, we are starting up a new research area that we have previously lacked expertise in, the area of flow-structure interaction and Hydraulic Engineering. This research area has a lot of synergy with many of our other projects and research goals. Central to this new area of research will be the experimental flume. Large scale and modern laboratories are always critical in attracting high quality students and academics. And until now there is no large scale experimental flume at WSU.

Flume Front

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Flume Bridge

The focus of our Advanced Hydraulic Research Laboratory is to find solutions for the prevention of bridge collapse due to scouring and hydraulic problems during flood events.

Flume Walkway

The facilities and scope are:

  • Large Experimental Flume with the dimension of 1m (width), 0.8m (height) and 16 m (length). The slope of the bed is also adjustable. It is a recirculating flume with the capacity of 120 lit/sec flow rate and can be upgraded to 240 lit/sec. The flow rate is measured using Electromagnetic Flow meter with high accuracy. The floor and wall are built with glass to enable a visualisation of flow and sediment particles transport. It is unique in Australian universities in terms of the
    dimensions and the adjustable bed slope.
  • Simultaneous 3-D Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter with the rate of 50 Hz (Micro-ADV). It can measure three dimensional flow velocity of flow at any point of flow with the rate of 50 samples per second.
  • Very High Speed Camera, enables the of capture images using a high frame rate. The images are stored for later analysis.
  • Simultaneous 3-D ADVP for flow velocity measurement enables to measure flow velocity simultaneously at 30 points in a vertical line with the rate of 100 Hz.
  • PIV Velocimetery Technique

Please direct any enquiries to:

Associate Professor Ming Zhao