Developing Water Retaining Bulkhead/Wall From Paste Backfill In Coal Mining

This project focuses on embankment coal washery rejects. Coal washery rejects is a by- product/waste during washing process of coal which usually is separated from main product by various gravity techniques. It is usually consist of clay, fine particles and some various minerals which are suspended in water. The solid content varied between 3 to 60%.

The main scope of this project is in following:

To develop a flocculants/polymer that will make the paste backfill for embankment with

* UCS greater than 2MPa(7 working days)

* A shear strength of greater than 0.3 MPa(7 working days)

* Minimal shrinkage

It also shouldn’t have negative impacts on the pumpability of the current backfill paste.

Doctor Babak Abtahi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research interests include: New polymer formulations for soil stabilization/remediation and dust suppression, nanocomposites, bio-mimicking and bio-inspired, sustainable designs and formulations.