Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Vision and Mission:

To develop and maintain the leadership and scholarship of Western Sydney University (WSU) on Advanced Manufacturing in Greater Western Sydney (GWS) Region and beyond working with external organisations; and To contribute to industrial transformation and sustainable development of manufacturing industry via adopting advanced manufacturing technologies.

Research expertise and strengths:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, e.g., Additive Manufacturing
  • Advanced Digital Modelling and Simulations
  • Robotics Technologies, Automation and Control
  • Design of Mechanical and Mechatronic Product and System, Rapid Prototyping, Manufacturing and Testing
  • Advanced Sensor Technologies
  • Industry 4.0 (IIoT, AI, VR and AR) and Factory of the Future
  • Advanced Engineering Materials and Structures, e.g., composites/nanocomposites, advanced high strength steels, thin film materials, light metals, new grade steel (stainless steel for structures)
  • Design, fabrication, characterisation, analysis and testing of structures made of advanced materials
  • Green construction and building materials (green cement, geopolymer concrete, green concrete using waste, e.g., glass, plastic, etc.) and high-performance fibre reinforced cementitious composites (e.g., ECC)
  • Polymer composites (e.g., adhesive, coating, flammability, and combustibility), Composites (e.g., laminates, sandwiches, particulate and short fibre reinforced) and composites materials for solar hydrogen, nanocomposites and nanomaterials, Nanoparticles and nanostructured materials
  • Ceramic processing, granular materials, particle processing and material and structure interface
  • Material separation, recovery, recycle and reuse for circularity (e.g., mineral resources, solid waste, thermoplastic waste, etc.)

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