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The Western Sydney University partnership projects solve problems collaboratively. By developing strong links with government, industry and community sectors we have established a wide range of research partnerships within the region, nationally and internationally.

The Research Engagement, Development and Innovation (REDI) team provides partners with a single clear point of access to Western Sydney University. All projects facilitated by REDI are allocated a project manager who acts as the primary point of contact between the University and your organisation. This ensures and maintains consistent high quality of service delivery tailored to your organisation's needs.

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Western Sydney University Innovation

Western Sydney University is home to one of Australia's best laboratories for independent testing and monitoring for the construction and manufacturing industries. Its expertise is especially relevant to civil, structural, and signal processing engineering businesses and regulatory bodies.

Research and Specialist services

The School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics has an active research culture which encompasses several research concentrations with a strong multi-disciplinary structure and focus.

The School offers highly specialised and professional advice delivered to industry, corporate, community and government clients from academic staff in the School facilitated by the Innovation and Consulting Unit.

Scholarship Sponsorship

Donor funded scholarships for Honours and PhD students can be established to support the development of the School's research and innovation programs. By donating to scholarships at Western Sydney University, you are helping our students become the leaders of tomorrow and pave the way in government, industry and the community. Your gift will encourage them to strive for excellence.

Prizes and Awards

The Western Sydney University Prizes program acknowledges our most dedicated and high achieving students. Through donations received by the School, we are able to further encourage and inspire these students to continue to strive for excellence. We are grateful for the generous support of our prize donors, who share the School's commitment in recognising our students' excellence in learning.

Developing your Workforce through SCEM at Western Sydney University

Our courses are accredited through the Australian Computer Society. Our External Advisory Network contributes to the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics by giving guest lectures and keeping our students up to date with industry standards and practices.

Western Sydney University Alumni

The School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics alumni chapters provide an opportunity for our alumni to remain engaged with our School, and provide access to School forums and seminars as well as further study options.

Western Sydney University Internships

We connect you to the right student or graduate for your business. We arrange over 200 internships every year and offer over 2400 jobs online. By working with us, you save time and money on recruitment and get the best employee with the talent you need.