Public and Products Liability


This cover excludes medical malpractice and clinical trials. Separate cover has been arranged for these activities. All enquiries should be referred to the Senior Operations Accountant.

The University maintains public and products liability cover of $20 million for any one claim or series of claims arising out of one event.

The policy provides cover where the University has a legal liability to pay a third party compensation for personal injury or property loss and associated legal costs. That is, a public liability claim is one where the University was negligent and as a result a third party suffered an injury or loss. This cover extends to employees and agents of the University engaged in University business and students engaged in approved course activities (including work placements and practicums).

The following contract types should be referred to the Office of Finance to ensure that the University has adequate cover:

  • Where the activity is to be undertaken in North America (USA or Canada)
  • Where the contract requires that the University indemnify or hold harmless the third party from liability irrespective of the other party's negligence


The policy is subject to a deductible of $10,000 for each and every claim.


Anywhere in the world other than operations domiciled and/or entities incorporated in US/Canada.


All potential claims should be reported immediately to the Senior Operations Accountant on 02 4570 1217 or