Medical Malpractice Insurance


The level of cover provided by the Medical Malpractice policy is $30 million for any one claim worldwide, except in Canada/USA including their territories or protectorates.

The policy provides cover against any claim for breach of medical related professional activities or practices by reason of any error, act or omission. Professional activities include any activities pertaining to an educational institution including associated research and consulting work.

Those subject to the policy are:

  • The University
  • University employees, honorary employees*, post graduate students and directors and officers engaged in medical activities or persons engaged in work related to those activities including students under the direct supervision and control of the University whose actual or alleged act, error, omission or conduct results in the University being held liable.

*Honorary employees means any persons acting in an honorary capacity including research fellows, examining and visiting academics and voluntary workers who occupy a duly recognised position in the University.

Cover does not extend to contractors/consultants engaged by the University, or University employees undertaking consultancies in a private capacity (i.e. not representing the University) or any other matter not connected with the University.

The following contract types should be referred to Finance to ensure that the University has adequate cover:

  • Where the activity is to be undertaken in North America (US or Canada).
  • Were the contract requires that the University indemnify or hold harmless the third party from liability irrespective of the other party's negligence or cover in excess of the limits stated above.


The policy is subject to a deductible of $100,000, for each and every claim.


Anywhere in the world other than operations domiciled and/or entities incorporated in USA/Canada.


All potential claims should be reported immediately to the Senior Operations Accountant on 02 4570 1217 or