Teaching Excellence Awards

Eligibility Open to individuals and teams. Currently employed full or part-time academic staff of the University who have worked at the University for a minimum of one year are eligible for individual nomination, or as leaders of team nominations. For team nominations, staff who do not satisfy these eligibility criteria, but whose contribution to the Award initiative is to be acknowledged, may be included as members of a team nomination.

Selection criteria Nominees for Excellence in Teaching Awards respond to all FOUR selection criteria in the Excellence in Teaching nomination form. The Awards Review Panel recommends that applicants for Teaching Excellence must have a minimum of two (2) years continuous service with the University with at least three (3) sessions worth of evidence.

Assessment criteria The four criteria will be given equal consideration by the Awards Panel. In assessing nominations against the four criteria, the Panel will take into account the:

  1. extent to which the claims for excellence are supported by formal and informal evaluation
  2. extent of creativity, imagination or innovation, irrespective of whether the approach involves traditional learning environments or technology-based developments
  3. information contained in references and selected supporting materials submitted by the nominee

Focus Areas - Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Excellence in Teaching Awards will be awarded in the following four focus areas:

  1. Excellence in Teaching
  2. Excellence in Teaching – Partnerships
  3. Excellence in Teaching – Education for Sustainability
  4. Excellence in Teaching – Early Career Academic

There is also a new category:

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President, Academic - Excellence in Indigenous Teaching

Where an award is not provided for a particular focus area, the award may be provided to an alternate focus area.

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