Professor Sally Power

Professor Sally Power is an ecosystems ecologist who employs a variety of empirical approaches - from mesocosm experiments to field-scale manipulations and surveys – to study the direct and indirect effects of climate change on terrestrial ecosystems. Her research explores how human activities affect processes at the leaf, plant and community level, and how these effects influence ecosystem function and sustainability.

Sally has established several long-term field experiments manipulating levels of nitrogen deposition, tropospheric ozone, rainfall and temperature. These large experimental platforms enable integrative research into above- and below-ground responses to realistic global change scenarios.

Recently, her research has focused on the interactive effects of multiple, co-occurring drivers of global change, including climate, eutrophication, habitat management and biodiversity loss.

By characterising physiological, biogeochemical and productivity responses to multiple drivers we can improve our mechanistic understanding of, and thus our ability to predict, ecological responses to a changing world.

Sally is also passionate about public engagement with science and has led a wide range of outreach activities involving members of local communities and schools in 'hands on' scientific research.

Areas of research/teaching expertise

Ecosystems ecology, ecological responses to air pollution and climate change, plant-soil interactions, grassland ecology.

Awards and recognition

  • Appointed to the School of Science’s Learning and Teaching Committee, 2021
  • Selected as the University Institute’s representative on the Academic Senate’s Education Committee, 2016-2020
  • Chair, Teaching Committee, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, 2014-present
  • Steering Committee member, Committee on Air Pollution Effects Research, 2009-2014
  • President, European Heathlands Network, 2007-2011
  • Steering Committee member, Ecological Continuity Trust, 2007-2012
  • Awarded Elsie Widdowson Research Fellowship, 2005
  • Council member, British Ecological Society, 2004-2007

Grants / current projects

    Supporting the health and expansion of the Australian stingless bee industry 
    Co-Researchers: James Cook, James Makinson, Markus Riegler, Robert Spooner-Hart , Amy-Marie Gilpin
    Partner/Funding Body: Horticulture Innovation Australia 
    Period: 2023-2028

    Climate change and the long-term health and sustainability of Australia's urban forests
    Co-Researchers: Manuel Esperon-Rodriguez, Mark Tjoelker, and Matthew Brookhouse (ANU)
    Partner/Funding Body: Heman Slade
    Period: 2022-2023

    Crop and varietal data to better understand the importance of pollination
    Co-Researchers: James Cook, Ben Moore, and James Makinson
    Partner/Funding Body: Horticulture Innovation Australia via Plant and Food Research, New Zealand
    Period: 2022-2026

    Impacts of climate extremes on the productivity, nutritional characteristics and persistence of perennial legumes and mixtures
    Co-Researchers: Elise Pendall and Ben Moore
    Partner/Funding Body: Meat and Livestock Australia
    Period: 2022-2025

    Rhizosphere mediation of soil greenhouse gas fluxes with climate change
    Co-Researchers: Elise Pendall and Catriona Macdonald
    Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Discovery
    Period: 2022-2024

    Loss of horticultural pollination services from wild insects following bushfires
    Co-Researchers: James Cook, Simon Tierney and Amy-Marie Gilpin
    Partner/Funding Body: Horticulture Innovation Australia
    Period: 2021-2023

    Ecoregional planting guide for agroecosystems in the Blue Mountains
    Co-Researchers: James Cook and Amy-Marie Gilpin
    Partner/Funding Body: Wheen Bee Foundation
    Period: 2020

    Brown is the new green: grassland responses to drought and heat
    Co-Researchers: Belinda Medlyn, David Tissue and Elise Pendall
    Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Discovery
    Period: 2018-2020

    Stingless bees as effective managed pollinators for Australian horticulture
    Co-Researchers: James Cook, Robert Spooner-Hart, Markus Riegler, Brajesh Singh, David Tissue and Ian Anderson
    Partner/Funding Body: Horticulture Innovation Australia
    Period: 2017-2022

    Sustainable pasture systems under climate extremes
    Co-Researchers: Brajesh Singh, Mark Tjoelker, Elise Pendall, David Tissue, Jonathan Plett, Ian Anderson, Ben Moore, Catriona Macdonald, Jeff Powell and Yolima Carrillo
    Partner/Funding Body: Meat & Livestock Australia Donor Company and Dairy Australia
    Period: 2017-2020

    Which plant where, when and why database for growing urban green space
    Co-Researchers: David Ellsworth, Ian Anderson, Mark Tjoelker and Paul Rymer
    Partner/Funding Body: Horticulture Innovation Australia
    Period: 2016-2021

    Healthy bee populations for horticultural pollination services
    Co-Researchers: James Cook, Markus Riegler, Robert Spooner-Hart, Ian Anderson, Catriona Macdonald, Brajesh Singh and Paul Rymer
    Partner/Funding Body: Horticulture Innovation Australia, Syngenta Australia Pty Ltd, Bayer Australia Ltd and Greening Australia
    Period: 2016-2021

    Accounting for biodiversity and carbon in golf courses within the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment area (ABC-golf)
    Co-researchers: Brajesh Singh, Catriona Macdonald and James Cook
    Partner/Funding body: Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment Management Authority and NSW Department of Trade and Investment
    Period: 2013-2015

    Drought, deluge and diversity decline - How do root herbivores affect grassland resilience to predicted changes in rainfall patterns?
    Co-researcher: Scott Johnson
    Partner/Funding body: Hermon Slade Foundation
    Period: 2013-2016

    Linking above- and below-ground responses of grassland ecosystems to climate change
    Partner/Funding body: Grantham Institute for Climate Change
    Period: 2011-2014

    Open Air Laboratories (OPAL): Ozone and climate change impacts on the structure and functioning of grassland ecosystems
    Partner/Funding body: UK Big Lottery Fund
    Period: 2007-2012

    DIRECT: Diversity, rainfall and elemental cycling in a terrestrial ecosystem
    Co-researcher: Pete Manning
    Partner/Funding body: Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Natural Environment Research Council
    Period: 2007-2011

    International Cooperative Programme (ICP) – Vegetation: Characterising plant response to ozone
    Partner/Funding body: Natural Environment Research Council
    Period: 2006-2013

    Effects of fire on below-ground heathland processes
    Co-researcher: Richard Ellis
    Partner/Funding body: Natural Environment Research Council
    Period: 2006-2007

    Summer fire effects on heathland response to nitrogen deposition
    Partner/Funding body: British Ecological Society
    Period: 2006-2007

    Effects of eutrophication on terrestrial ecosystems
    Partner/Funding body: Natural Environment Research Council
    Period: 2004-2012

Selected publications

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