Doctor Rachael Nolan

I'm fascinated by the role of disturbances in ecosystems, in particular the effects of fire on the landscape. I have two main areas of research. The first is focused on understanding how ecosystems respond to disturbance, and what this means for ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, habitat values and water resources. The second research area I focus on is developing models of forest flammability due to dynamics in fuel loads and fuel moisture content.

I enjoy being out in the bush, so much of my research involves fieldwork. I also do some remote sensing and modelling.

I was awarded a Senior Research Support Program Fellowship in 2021 to continue my bushfire research.

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Areas of research/teaching expertise

Bushfires (opens in a new window), Fire ecology, plant ecology, plant ecophysiology, ecohydrology

Awards and Recognition

  • Association for Fire Ecology Early Career Award, 2023.
  • Excellence in Research Impact, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research, Enterprise and International) Research Award, with HIE Bushfire Research Group, Western Sydney University, 2023.
  • Awarded the prestigious 2021 Eureka Prize for Applied Environmental Research with colleagues, 2021
  • Awarded a University Research Support Program Fellowships in Bushfire Research: Environmental and Social Impacts, 2021
  • Awarded a Forests Young Investigator Award, 2020

Grants / Current Projects

Understanding the confluence of Eucalyptus dieback and koala habitat in NSW - Stage 1 
Co-Researchers: Brendan Choat, Ben Moore, Rachael Gallagher, Belinda Medlyn, Matthias Boer
Partner/Funding Body: NSW Department of Planning and Environment
Period: 2023-2024

Understanding the confluence of Eucalyptus dieback and koala habitat in NSW - literature review 
Co-Researchers: Brendan Choat, Ben Moore, Rachael Gallagher, Belinda Medlyn, Matthias Boer
Partner/Funding Body: NSW Department of Planning and Environment
Period: 2023-2024

Does fire regime and post rainfall impact fuel recovery following the Black Summer fires?

Co-Researchers: Chris Gordon and Matthias Boer
Partner/Funding Body: NSW Rural Fire Service 
Period: 2023

Assessment of the impact of damage to retained trees

Co-Researcher: Brendan Choat
Partner/Funding Body: NSW Government Natural Resources Commission
Period: 2023

Instantaneous detection of high-risk lightning with pinpoint accuracy
Co-Researchers: Matthias Boer, Marta Yebra, Colleen Bryant, Geoff Cary
Partner/Funding Body: NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN) Grand Challenge
Period: 2022-2023

Quantifying the recovery trajectory and aboveground productivity in rainforest species after fire on rich versus poor soils 
Co-Researchers: Kristine Crous, Brendan Choat, David Ellsworth and Robert Kooyman (MQ)
Partner/Funding Body: Herman Slade
Period: 2022

NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN) grand challenge
Co-Researchers: Matthias Boer, Marta Yebra, Colleen Bryant and Geoff Cary
Partner/funding body: NSW RFS, ACT RFS, Fire Neural Network, ACT Parks and Conservation Service
Period: 2022-2023

NSW Bushfire and Natural Hazards Research Centre
Co-Researchers: Matthias Boer, Belinda Medlyn, Rachael Gallagher, and Ben Smith 
Partner/Funding Body: NSW Department of Planning and Environment
Period: 2022-2026

Physics-aware machine learning for data-driven fire risk prediction
Co-Researchers: Matthias Boer and Ross Bradstock
Partner/Funding Body: NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Period: 2022-2024

Predicting vegetation dynamics in Australia's arid zone
Co-Researchers: Belinda Medlyn and Brendan Choat
Partner/Funding Body: Bush Heritage Australia and Arid Recovery
Period: 2022-2024

DPIE Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan - Research Strategy and Implementation
Co-Researchers: Paul Rymer, Uffe Nielsen, Matthias Boer, Rachael Nolan, Elise Pendall, Jeff Powell, Yolima Carrillo, Catriona Macdonald, Ben Moore, Markus Riegler, Neil Perry and Juan Salazar
Partner/Funding Body: NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Period: 2021-2025

The influence of climate change on bushfire fuels in Victoria
Co-Researchers: Mingkai Jiang, Ben Smith, Matthias Boer, Belinda Medlyn and Assaf Inbar
Partner/Funding Body: Country Fire Authority
Period: 2021-2023

Determining the physiological underpinnings of eucalypt dieback in NSW
Co-Researchers: Brendan Choat, Belinda Medlyn, Sebastian Pfautsch, Matthias Boer, David Tissue, Paul Rymer and Mark Tjoelker
Partner/Funding Body: NSW Environmental Trust
Period: 2021-2024

Impacts of drought stress on bushfire risk
Co-Researchers: Matthias Boer, Belinda Medlyn, Brendan Choat and Anne Griebel
Partner/Funding Body: RedEye Consulting and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources
Period: 2021-2022

The regreening of the Blue Mountains: Using citizen science to study post-fire recovery in the Blue Mountains
Co-Researchers: Belinda Medlyn, Brendan Choat, Paul Rymer, Matthias Boer, Sally Power, Amy-Marie Gilpin, Uffe Nielsen, Ben Moore and Kate Umbers
Partner/Funding Body: NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Period: 2021-2022

Forecasting live fuel moisture content, the on/off switch for forest fire
Co-Researchers: Matthias Boer, Belinda Medlyn and Brendan Choat
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Linkage
Period: 2020-20213

Quantifying forest mortality after record-breaking drought and unprecedented wildfire in Eastern Australia
Co-Researchers: Matthias Boer, Brendan Choat, Belinda Medlyn and Anne Griebel
Partner/Funding Body: Hermon Slade Foundation
Period: 2020-2022

Review of CSIRO report on climate change risk to sequestration projects under the Emissions Reduction Fund
Partner/Funding Body: Climate Change Authority
Period: 2020

When does fire kill trees? Developing a predictive model of post-fire tree mortality
Partner/Funding Body: WSU Early Career Researcher Fellowship
Period: 2018

Selected publications

Cunningham CX, Williamson GJ, Nolan RH, Teckentrup L, Boer MM, Bowman DMJS, (2024) 'Pyrogeography in flux: Reorganization of Australian fire regimes in a hotter world', Global Change Biology, vol.30, no.1, Article no.e17130

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