2023 Seminar Series

HIE seminar series – 2022

  • Manon Rumeau: BioFOR FACE overview – Nitrogen cycling in forest soils under elevated CO2: response of a key soil nutrient to global change.
  • * Klaske van Wijngaarden: BioFOR FACE overview – From branch to forest to globe: understanding woody structure in Oak canopy under elevated CO2.
  • Nine Douwes Dekker - BioFOR FACE overview – Inter-annual variability in the response of soil respiration to elevated CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere.
  • * Ms Fiona Backhouse from HIE presented “Geographic variation in the vocal displays of male Albert's lyrebirds”.
  • Associate Professor David Lowry from Michigan State University presented “The genetic and physiological mechanisms of evolutionary adaptations in plants”.
  • * Dr Donovin Coles from WSU presented “Exploration of plant and pathogen signalling during the biotrophic to necrotrophic switch in hemibiotrophic interactions, and beyond”.
  • Associate Professor Han Wang from Tsinghua University presented “Predicting the vegetation carbon cycle from eco-evolutionary optimality”.
  • Dr Manish Kumar from the Dr YSparmar Horticulture & Forestry University, Solan Himachal, India presented “Horticulture & Forestry University - Research Activities and Teaching priorities”.
  • Dr David Forrester from CSIRO presented ‘Carbon cycling and vegetations processes’.
  • Dr Zenon Czenze from the University of New England presented ‘The heat is on: using behaviour, ecology and physiology to measure how endotherms keep cook in a warming world’.
  • Professor Bernadette McCabe from the University of Southern Queensland presented ‘Integrated closed loop organic waste management’.

* Denotes HIE employee/graduating student