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Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment

The Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment is one of seven research institutes within Western Sydney University.

In the space of just a few years, the Institute has rapidly become the leading centre of excellence in ecosystem function and environmental responses to changing climates with a strong reputation for delivering research outcomes of the highest quality.

With a unique suite of world-class research facilities, the Institute is ready to collaborate with Australian and international institutions.

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Innovative Research From Genes To Ecosystems

The Institute's team of over 50 scientists conducts innovative, world-class research across the full spectrum of life from genetic level to ecosystem level to answer the most pressing issues currently facing our country such as:

  • What will rising CO2 levels mean for forestry, soils and our agricultural industries?
  • How closely do CO2 prediction models match real-world changes in plant and ecosystem function?
  • How does environmental change impact on plant, animal and microbial communities?
  • How can we use technology to understand and better manage our most important natural and managed ecosystems in a changing world?

The Institute's integrated research portfolio is aligned around three broad themes:

  • Soil Biology and Genomics
  • Plants, Animals and Interactions
  • Ecosystem Function and Integration

These research themes lead to worldwide collaborations and partnerships with government, research and industry organisations to jointly tackle the largest environmental and scientific challenges of our time.

About Western Sydney University, Hawkesbury

The Institute is situated on the beautiful Hawkesbury campus of Western Sydney University in Richmond, New South Wales.

This location provides easy access to international airports the urban rail and motorway network that makes travelling  to the Institute easy and efficient. The Institute's field facilities are based in remnant Cumberland  Plain forest, providing a unique setting based on naturally low-nutrient soils that closely replicate native ecosystems in Eastern Australia.

For visiting colleagues, Richmond offers easy access to many of Sydney's finest attractions including the Blue Mountains, Sydney City and Western NSW.

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