Doctor Kristine Crous

Kristine CrousDr Kristine Crous is a Senior Lecturer within the Institute, coming to Western Sydney University from the Australian National University.

Her research has focussed on physiological mechanisms plants use to respond to global climate change factors, principally elevated CO2 and climate warming, but also the effect of nutrient availability (both nitrogen and phosphorus) on the CO2 response.

In her previous postdoc at WSU, she investigated how nutrient availability affects the responses of photosynthesis and leaf respiration to elevated CO2 at EucFACE. In a unique project linking phosphorus (P) limitations to photosynthesis and growth, she combined extensive field work at EucFACE measuring gas exchange with low O2, a technique often used in labs but rarely in the field. These measurements were combined with challenging labwork critical to elucidate the observed field mechanisms during which she extracted leaf P and other P-containing components from the leaf. This work resulted in new insights in the role of photorespiration, regarded as a wasteful process, in leaf P-recycling.

She also has been pursuing the temperature responses of photosynthesis and respiration on large trees at the Hawkesbury Forest Experiment. Because of unprecedented rates of warming expected in this century, she has investigated the capacity of Eucalyptus species to adjust to warmer conditions, mostly on large trees. She demonstrated that warming reduced leaf respiration at a given temperature in summer, with drought further exacerbating this reduction (Crous et al. 2011). In a warming study on Eucalyptus globulus (Crous et al. 2013) she reported a physiological temperature limit in summer because air temperatures far exceeded the temperature optimum of the species. Building on this work, she and her collaborators found less capacity to cope with warming within two widely-distributed Eucalyptus species ranging from tropical to temperate climates (Drake et al. 2015). Her data have been incorporated in several large-scale models to understand future ecosystem functioning.

Recently, she won a 2016 ARC Discovery Early Career Award (DECRA) to investigate how rainforest species will cope with climate warming. The response of rainforest species to climate warming is one of the largest uncertainties in the future terrestrial carbon cycle. This work aims to give us a predictive capacity for the temperature sensitivity of unique rainforest species. A narrow temperature optimum of photosynthesis is expected in rainforests as these species are thought to be more specialised due to a thermally stable environment. This may mean reduced rates with warming if they have limited capacity to adjust. The multi-faceted nature of her DECRA proposal, combining observational and experimental approaches, will maximise our understanding of how, and how much, rainforest tree species will adjust to warmer temperatures while also relating these responses to climate variability.

Areas of research

Leaf-level ecophysiology and biochemistry; photosynthesis and respiration; elevated CO2; ozone; nutrient cycling; climate change; sapflow
My research uses a combination of field work and controlled environment facilities in order to examine how plant metabolism responds to future climate change. I have a wide network of colleagues to collaborate with worldwide and from a range of disciplines including ecology, modelling and biochemistry.

Supervision Opportunities

As I am currently building my own labgroup and I am looking to talk to potential PhD students. If you are interested in working on climate change science or ecophysiology, or you have your own exciting ideas, then come and have a chat.

Teaching expertise

  • 2007 Field Laboratory Instructor at the Hawkesbury Forest Experiment
  • 2006 Undergraduate Student Instructor in Introductory Biology (BIO 162) leading discussion sessions and labs. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • 2003 – 2005 Mentoring and training of students in the Plant Physiology lab (basic skills such as sample preparation, organizing data and measuring with the Li-Cor 6400. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)
  • 2002 Graduate Student Instructor in Plant Physiological Ecology (ENVIRON 457). University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • 2001 Certification and training for high school teaching in Biology and other sciences. University of Antwerp, Belgium

Awards and Recognition

  • Awarded the 2020 Jan Anderson award of the Australian Society of Plant Scientists
  • Dr Kristine Crous received sponsorship to attend the Science at the Shine Dome event in Canberra, 2019
  • Received a JG Russell award from the Australian Academy of Science, 2016
  • Travel award from Australian National University: travel to Oxford NP symposium, 2010
  • Rackham Dissertation Award (University of Michigan): competitive funding to finish PhD dissertation, 2008
  • Samuel Graham Award for excellent scientific writing (University of Michigan), 2005
  • Philips Fellowship of the Belgian American Educational Foundation (BAEF), 2002-2003
  • Wheeler Family Memorial Scholarship, SNRE, 2001-2002

Grants / Current Projects

    Quantifying the recovery trajectory and aboveground productivity in rainforest species after fire on rich versus poor soils
    Co-Researchers: Brendan Choat, Rachael Nolan, David Ellsworth and Robert Kooyman (MQ)
    Partner/Funding Body: Herman Slade
    Period: 2022

    Pushing the envelope: does range size limit eucalypt response to warming?
    Co-Researchers: Mark Tjoelker and Peter Reich
    Partner/Funding body: Australian Research Council Discovery
    Period: 2020-2022

    How will Australian rainforest trees cope with climate warming?
    Co-Researchers: Catriona Macdonald and Elise Pendall
    Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
    Period: 2015-2017

Selected publications

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Selected Conference Presentations

  • 2015 Crous KY. Turning up the heat: how do plants respond to climate warming? Invited presentation at the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFOR), University of Birmingham, 8 Sept.
  • 2014 Sharwood RE, Crous KY, Drake JE, Aspinwall MA, Whitney SM, Tjoelker MG and Ghannoum, O. Testing the limits of photosynthetic plasticity in Eucalyptus species from different biogeographical habitats. Combio, Canberra, 28 Sept – 2 Oct.
  • 2014 Crous KY, Ósvaldsson A and Ellsworth DS. Is phosphorus limiting in a mature Eucalyptus woodland? Phosphorus fertilisation stimulates stem growth. Combio, Canberra, 28 Sept – 2 Oct
  • 2013 Gimeno TE, Crous KY, Cooke J, O'Grady AP, Ellsworth DS. Elevated CO2 in an Australian woodland (EucFACE): impact of contrasting water availability on carbon uptake and water use in a nutrient-limited ecosystem - EcoTAS13 meeting in Auckland, New Zealand - 24 to 29 November
  • 2013 Crous KY, Osvaldsson A, Ellsworth D - Elevated CO2 in an Australian woodland (EucFACE): Are phosphorus limitations to trees "truth or myth"? - EcoTAS13 meeting in Auckland, New Zealand - 24 to 29 November
  • 2012 Ellsworth DS, Crous KY, Gimeno T, Ghannoum O, Boer M - Eucalyptus Free-air CO2 enrichment ('EucFACE') and how atmospheric CO2 may affect Cumberland Plain biodiversity - Presented at ESA Annual Conference, 3-7 December, Albert Park, Melbourne
  • 2009 Crous KY. Drought accentuates acclimation of leaf respiration to summer heat: a comparison of Eucalyptus saligna trees growing under ambient and elevated atmospheric CO2. COMBIO conference 2009, Christchurch, New Zealand, December 6-10th and at 24th New Phytologist Symposium, Oxford, UK in April 2010.
  • 2007 Crous KY, Walters MB, Ellsworth DS. Changes in leaf photosynthesis-N relationships over time in Pinus taeda exposed to long-term elevated CO2 and N fertilization in FACE. COMBIO conference 2007, 22-26 September and ECOFIZZ 2007 (27-28 September) in Sydney.
  • 2006 Crous KY. How is the relationship between photosynthesis and nitrogen affected by long-term elevated CO2? Invited presentation at the Modelling Workshop, Australia
  • 2006 Crous KY .Nitrogen addition affects the photosynthetic capacity of loblolly pine to elevated CO2 in FACE. IUFRO Canopy Processes Workshop: "Regional forest responses to environmental change", Boston, USA
  • 2003 Crous KY.Is forest tree functioning enhanced by elevated CO2? Invited presentation at the Terrestrial Ecosystems Forum, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA